The story of survival: Mark Inglis and Phil Dul. 13 days in a mountain cave

Ever since I began to be interested in human survival, I systematically wiggle away from humanity. More often, of course, in a good sense, but sometimes in a good one. It can be diligently thrusting itself with its own stupidity and hindsight. Well, the second – when it came to his ass. It is the second option that happened with Mark inglis 2 weeks stuck in a cold mountain cave.


Mark inglis born in 1959 in New Zealand. He graduated from the University of Biochemistry. From 1979 he began to rescue, periodically launching new tourist routes. Well, they are beautiful, there are always enough tourists.

1982 Mark inglis together with his companion. The highest mountain on the island. 3.7 km on the radio, two young professionals? Of course no. So the ascent began.

Nothing freelance – guys are not the first year in mountaineering. That’s just what the weather is rapidly deteriorating. a couple of hours were covered with a snowstorm. It is pure suicide. However, a stop is no better. Fortunately, a small cave was found. What, in fact, was required.

Problems and Solutions

It is a long time. But the comrades had no choice but to wait. And wait. And wait again. There was a little space, there was nothing to be left in stock. There is no walkie-talkie. One thing that has been asked, since the route has been sent. But while they catch it, while it’s still, while the weather settles … In short, everything is bad.

But I want to live. therefore Mark Inglis and Phil Doole began to wait. Trying to warm up, trying to warm up, to stretch up to a maximum and wait. Honestly, You lie, freeze and realize that you can NOTHING. Yes, you can get out of the cave, but it is a certain death – to descend into a snowstorm. The guys were unable to descend on their own.

A week later, they were found using a rescue helicopter. But it wasn’t possible to go down and evacuate frostbitten New Zealanders. But they were There is a warm up, a walkie-talkie and a sleeping bag. If you are a stock, then many problems would have been avoided. But it only happened to delay time, since the processes of frostbite have already passed a progressive state.

The storm finally subsided only after a week. Mark inglis and Phil Dul was still alive.


Frostbite has gone far enough. Each had to amputate both legs just below the knee. The fingers of the fingers are also seriously affected. Mark Inglis lost weight from 70 to 39 kg, his friend – not much less. But both remained alive, although they had a very long recovery period.

It was a jock for you for 13 days. But Mark Inglis is a mind and self-confidence. 2000 – Wins Silver in Sydney. In 2002, he still conquers the peak of the Cook, and in 2006 he climbed Mount Everest. Without legs. By the way, he was the first to succeed. Oh yeah, I also published a book about my “adventures”. “No Mean Feat » is called. And then a couple more.

Well what can I say. If you’re not afraid of it, you can’t wait. And I am firmly psychologically. Can not only survive SUCH. It was not a good idea to respect it. But weather forecasts are still better to listen to.

The story of survival: Mark Inglis and Phil Dul. 13 days in an ice cave

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