The story of survival: Pavel Vavilov, the northern “Robinson”

It is believed survival stories ended happily only because their heroes were incredibly lucky. It is not a matter of fact that you can’t become fatal.

However, listening to what is happening. AND Paul’s story of survival Vavilov This is a visual confirmation. It can be your choice and survival skills. Located beyond the Arctic Circle. But about all in order.


Pavel Vavilov was born in 1909 in the village of Pavlichino, Yaroslavl Region. When I matured, I moved to Leningrad, where I started working as a sailor on riverboats. And in 1934 sailing along the Northern Sea Route. There he worked first as a fireman, then as a machinist. The usual biography of a hardworking Soviet guy. And everything would be fine if not World War II.

On the northern bridgehead fightingKrajina and Belorussian fronts. The Nazis didn’t have much success there. It was possible to travel to the USSR by sea. This involved both submarines and heavy cruisers.

In those times Pavel vavilov He served on the icebreaker “Alexander Sibiryakov“And until 1942, everything went very well. But you must come to an end.”

August 24, 1942 “Alexander Sibiryakov“It was not reported.” Gulf of middendorf Soviet steamer came in sight of a heavy German cruiserAdmiral scheer“It was determined in advance. It was determined. In advance, it was out. ), and it remained in the icy water.

Task “Admiral steerThe Germans conquered the sea convoys. Empty boat left to drift.

The essence

Pavel vavilova both lucky and unlucky. He was not injured during the shelling – this is a plus. It is a minus. But this is again a plus. It was a scorching experience. It is dry and warm. The clothes of a dead comrade came in handy. There are a number of boxes and a pair of boxes of biscuits.

But Pavel vavilov I understand that this is not enough. Therefore, I made every effort to catch something else out of the water. “Alexander Sibiryakov“I’m remind you that they were chances for success. Clothes (relatively dry), and a sleeping bag. With this one couldn’t even do something.

Couldn’t see the building. Pavel vavilov, Of course, I went there. After all, where construction – and there people. And where to return home. But as it turned out, the island was uninhabited, and the lighthouse was abandoned. But what to do next? The fireman did not know. He wasn’t been around. Where is the boat? To the nearest island (island. Oblong. Also uninhabited) – more than 9 km. And where to swim further – no longer visible. So that Pavel vavilov I decided to wait.

Month on the island

Ended. Lighthouses set to facilitate shipping. And if the lighthouse is abandoned, it means that there are no longer any shipping routes. This time. It was not a problem. There were noticed several polar bears. I noticed and was delighted with the presence of a revolver. But rightly considered a last resort.

It is cold and wet, it’s cold and wet, it’s cold. Disposition, to put it mildly, crap. But I want to live, so Pavel Vavilov set to work.

For the start of the lighthouse Insulated sleeping bag. You can even sleep without a fire. It is still good, since it provided fresh water. Made it in the ice There wasn’t anybody

It has been a lot of trouble. Fortunately, they were for kindling. It was still a question. There is a small figure. Several ships passed by the island Pavel vavilova. So it was almost a month.

But the stoker was near the dustSacco“It wasn’t work, but it didn’t work.” Pavel vavilov I flew a seaplane. But he couldn’t land normally for 4 days. Fortunately, at least I’ve been dropped away.

And you’re mistaken. Vavilov returned to the Northern Fleet.

It is incredible happy coincidences or fabulous failures. But it is not Pavel vavilov I would not last a week. So, dear colleagues, you can have a black line in life. Everything can be overcome if you strongly want this.

survival story: Pavel Vavilov. Northern robinson

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