The story of survival: Richard Van Fam. 4 months in the ocean

When it comes to mildly. All feelings are tense, all reflexes are on alert. But if the “adventure” is delayed, then new factors are beginning to act slowly. If you don’t know what to do.

Actually, this situation happened to Richard. Van famom, whose yacht was seriously injured by the storm. It was a question. He could only wait until someone accidentally noticed him. But I had to wait a long time …


Was born Van fam in Vietnam. But then he managed to get a residence permit. And I must say, I lived there pretty well. But in the old age of some problems, especially with housing. So the immigrant bought a seven-meter boat, on which he began to live. For many Vietnamese, this is quite normal – many of them. They are still a problem.

This went on for quite some time, until in 2002 Van fam not decided to swim to Catalina Island. It wasn’t too much of a journey. But alas, a sudden storm was gone. At first, the outboard motor failed, then the communications and navigation system. On top of the picture, the sail broke heavily. It is clear that the boat has been carried away to the open ocean.

That was the problem. Families Van fam in the US was not. The old man (62 years old) has been accustomed to the fact that he has been swimming somewhere. It was already too late.

Problems and Solutions

As it turned out, Van fam I couldn’t even be able to carry it further along the shores of South America. It was a charm to meet with the courts. However, for 4 months in the open sea, not a single ship passed close by.

Total Seven-meter old boat, no connection, no motor, no normal sail. But there is a fishing rod, it has been used for a long time. It was powered by solar panels. Yes. Exactly. So boredom Van famu it certainly not hurt. What can not be said about hunger and thirst. But these problems have been resolved.

It is a desiccated plant that has been produced by evaporation and condensation. Well, at every opportunity I collected rainwater. So the thirst problem was solved. As for food, a fishing rod in capable of hands can work wonders. Fresh fish was almost always. Van famu managed to catch even a sea turtle, it turned out to be quite tasty. Moreover, he even solved the problem of storing stocks using evaporated salt as a preservative.

There were fish on the boat, there were no fish to eat. There was a lighter. (4 months after all)

That is, yes – there was something to drink, there was something to eat, there was something to drink. It only remained to wait until someone finds it. 4 months Van fam He lost 20 kg, received a light form of scurvy, but he was not vigorous and confident of his survival. Who knows how much he would have


Border guards who discovered a destroyed boat Van fam, do not believe in his story. We decided that this is another trick drug carriers. Nevertheless, the survivalist reluctantly managed to convince them. Well, it didn’t like a secret vehicle. Yes, and calls familiar Van fam also helped. It has been flooded much to his displeasure. However, the ticket was found for him.

History has a great public outcry. Well, you know how people survived in a really difficult situation. So that Van fam briefly gained popularity. He was equipped with more reliable equipment. And what would you think? Soon he was again found drifting in the ocean. But this time only a few days. Looks like my grandfather. Quiet, calm, no one bothers.

What can be said about this. Grandfather did everything right and was cool. Effectively applied useful knowledge, organized life, Here it is necessary to be equal. And experience Van fam once again confirms that a skillful survivalist can be very comfortable.

The story of survival: Richard Van Fam. 4 months in the ocean

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