The story of survival: Ricky Migi. 10 weeks in the Australian desert

It happens to be a show of peace of mind. Makes you the same. But it sometimes happens.

Actually, that’s what happened with the Australian Ricky migi (Ricky Megee). His indiscretions led to an unforgettable ten-week “vacation” in the Australian desert. With unique natural conditions and a “refined” diet. But first things first.


It can be not found out. Ricky migi confused in the testimony. His car just broke down. Then, he discovered that he had been a fellow traveler. And it is possible that the situation was much more prosaic. Ricky migi, It has been accepted that it has been accepted by the law. You’re in the desert. Of course, even if he couldn’t find it back, he fell asleep in a ditch.

Problems and Solutions

Awakening was not a pleasant one. There is nothing but clothes. And it is completely incomprehensible where hard fate brought him to it. And we must remind that in Australia, the winter is a dry season. That is hot, there is almost no water, food too. And what to do is completely incomprehensible. Most likely, it was not fully completed. Ricky migi just go in arbitrary direction. Did not work out.

It’s clear that it’s clear that it’s not clear. But damn it, how to find it? So that Ricky migi I had to drink my own urine. He also realized that he was still in the day. Well, it must be built. It has been approved by the United States.

But you won’t last long in your urine. It will be a bit more difficult to follow. Fortunately fate over Ricky migi it took It took 10 days.

And then the behavior becomes somewhat illogical. If there is a river, it is necessary to move downstream. But Ricky went the other way. He made it a little bit different. He probably hoped that the rescuers would find him. If you are lost. Seriously, well, he went away, let’s say, 10 km from the road. Well, I lost sight of her, but a rescue helicopter found him. And he went to hell, those where …

So I want to ask – “What? Frisky frogs if you had to move ”Fuck knows, to be honest. Perhaps the strength was not so much. Perhaps the ten-day transition Ricky migi desire to move somewhere actively. It is simply possible that it is not possible.

Anyway, Ricky got pretty comfortable. It wasn’t hurt, but it wasn’t a scorching sun. There were numerous edible insects. It was dried in the sun. Just a couple of days – and the frog crispy “kebab” is ready. Apparently, the guy didn’t want to know how to make fire from improvised means. Yes, it was difficult. So it took 10 weeks.

It has already begun to bother. The desert again. Fortunately, it was noticed by Mark Cleford that he noticed a resembling Australian skeleton. They were too pronounced.


In the hospital Ricky migi It was spent 6 days, after it was threatened. What happened to the Australian. The car has never found the version of the “random companion”. But the “presumption of innocence”, you know. It would be a very long-awaited form.

Now Ricky migi lives quietly in his queensland and barely remembers his story of survival. But the book write bothered. It seems like a good one. Did he stop taking drugs? Sincerely hope that yes. Since this is a situation. Yes, and 10 weeks of forced abstinence still well cleaned the brain.

Well what can I say. Fool that got into this situation. Well done, that’s how it’s done with honor and relatively unscathed. But the Australian desert is one of the most severe places for survival. So yes, something you can learn from a guy.

The story of survival: Ricky Migi. 10 weeks in the Australian desert

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