The story of survival: Stephen Callahan. 76 days drift in the Atlantic Ocean

What is the most important survival? No, not knowledge – sometimes it is not. It is not always skills. It is a matter of instinct. And if they are combined with skills and knowledge, then your chances increase dramatically.

This is exactly the situation that occurred with By stephen callahan – a yachtsman from the USA. It was a popularizer of sailing. That is, the knowledge and skills relating to survival in the open ocean, he had. And, unfortunately, useful.


1981 Stephen callahan decides to take part in the sailing regatta, “Napoleon-Solo”. The route was taken from the coast of France, along the western tip of Africa, across the Atlantic Ocean and to Brazil. But something went wrong, so I stopped repairing the Spanish coast. And then somehow return home. Stephen didn’t have to go through the declared route, albeit with some amendments. Reaching the Canary Islands, he headed for Antigua. Hen 6.5 meter sloop.

Lucky Stephen callahan was an experienced navigator. I love you can not be saved, you can’t use it. Dougal robertson. Yes seriously. It is clear that it is not necessary to rely on it. It is a pity for everyone to be able to prepare for …

Problem solving

It was a step of dubious effectiveness. Life raft. But he didn’t need to go. In the future – straight to the Caribbean Islands, where, in fact, Stephen callahan and it was necessary. There is a trifle left – to – where to live with the active navigation.

Yes, the desalters of the fresh water were desalters. Yes, it was a harpoon. It doesn’t break loose. Yes, it’s not a problem. The ship had no signal of flares. If you don’t have a single instrument? That is, not everything was so rosy …

However, Stephen callahan I was not going to give up. 500 ml of guaranteed water is excellent. You can even collect rainwater – just enough with minimal exertion and saving mode. Navigation maps? Good It is a semitant. Is there an opportunity to fish? Great, and we’ll do it.

Total – for all types of fish and fishfish; And it wouldn’t have been possible to pierce through the fish. I had to quickly eliminate the damage due to a piece of tarpaulin and ingenuity. It took several days, but the raft retained its buoyancy. There were some problems with the raft. Fortunately – only “almost”, but this was not much easier.

Further worse. Life of rafts is 40 days. I found out Stephen callahan, could cause food poisoning. Found out, alas, on personal experience. Fluid Fortunately, even in its raw form, the fish was very nutritious, and containing a useful liquid. However, Stephen callahan I lost 20 kg, and I realized that the sea salt is perfectly erodes the skin, leaving unpleasant ulcers.

So 75 days passed.


North Passat Marie galant, near Guadeloupe. It was clear that he was Stephen callahan not. And he is still in decent shape. It was not a chance that it could be improved. It took a month, after which the shipbuilder set about a new business.

Using your own personal experience And it included the emergency reserve on the rescue rafts. In addition, he wrote a reference book on the same subject. Stephen is still alive, and it periodically goes to the open sea. But, of course, on better courts.

What, in fact, you can add. And nothing. The guy did everything right. It simply didn’t bother you. And he tried to improve his life. In short, he is really cool.

The story of survival: Stephen Callahan. 76 days drift in the Atlantic Ocean

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