The story of survival: Yossi Ginsberg. 3 weeks in the amazon jungle

I think many of us were about to discoverers. It was most likely that it would be possible to make it out. But some of this was not enough. Thirst for adventure beckoned forward, which led to trouble. This is exactly what happened with Yossi ginsberg.


Our hero was born in Tel Aviv, in 1959, in a family of classical Jews. Moreover, it was clear that he would be able to survive. Therefore, I received basic skills and abilities. Add it to your foresight. What is a job?

1981 South America. The town of La Paz. Yossi ginsberg meets a geologist Karl Rurechter, who joins him to the unexplored Bolivian jungle. Officially to establish contact with hitherto unknown tribes, but in practice Lot. Easy money, however. Made themselves felt, so Yossi agreed. Kevin (a long time friend of Yossi) and Marcus Stamme, who has met recently and he set off.

Novel, is not it? Four brave travelers go for treasure in the Amazon jungle. But the reality turned out to be much more prosaic. Local food, fruits, and everything that was found. Then they made themselves aware of the short distance. And it rained – up a conflict broke out. The geologist is the geologist of the group. So the group was divided: Kevin and Yossi ginsberg Marcus and Karl went back on foot.

Problems and Solutions

Guess what happened? The classic plot is a river, a waterfall, an uncontrollable raft … Yossi ginsberg I didn’t have time to do it. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries, but it it took him very far away. The luggage is the same. Yossi was left alone with the Amazon jungle, along with a minimum stock of equipment. There is no connection, there is no connection, there is no knife, there is no knife, no clothes, no connection. This is not a clear, part of the jungle. Yossi realized that he can only be rely on himself.

Find out what you’re like, Yossi remembered, got to the shore. It took 4 days. But to find Kevin failed. There was only one way left – down. After all, any river, sooner or later, but leads to the people. Let even to local savages. It was easier to go down. But here, alas, new problems.

What is the Amazon jungle? That’s a huge number of insects, periodically flooded forests, which are difficult to move. And poisonous snakes with frogs. And predators. And with all this Yossi ginsberg faced personally.

Mosquitoes burning branch away To repel dangerous insects spray? Perhaps, but it is too quickly consumed. Sleep where the ubiquitous termites do not get to you? Sometimes it worked. Hunt? Nothing – had to eat fruits, berries, eggs, good, something to find out sometimes turned out. Although there was no problem with water. To fish? There is nothing, and there is nothing to do. Carefully for some people, “leaflease” is enough for painful death. In short, the prospect is so-so, but how can you live. For the time being.

And then a jaguar attack. The big cat decided that it was a great alternative to capybaras and local deer. Can not run, no horns and claws. But there was a spray and a lighter. The predator’s improvised flamethrower drove away. He helped against a flock of termites. But soon it ended. But it turns out that it is a urine. Everything is logical – it means that body proteins begin to break down. In short, it helped.

But hunger and exhaustion made by felt Yossi ginsberg hallucinations began. That is, it is exhausted, there are numerous scratches and bruises from the jaguar. And also hallucinations. For a long time our hero would not have lasted.


Help came unexpectedly to the aboriginal search party. As it turned out, he found it. Find a lost comrade. Three days – and Yossi found. The aborigines helped our heroes get to civilization, where Yossi finally received medical medical assistance. Only 3 months (!!) in the hospital – and again in the ranks.

Well, then – again a classic plot. Yossi ginsberg writes a book about his adventures, which are going to film. In 2014, the “Survival” of the Discovery Channel. In short, as always in such situations. Oh yeah, two other adventurers have not been found. As for the further biography of our hero, she, she, is admirable. He helped him to make it easier to help him to live up to 3 years. , his life really resembles a novel hero.

Well what can I say. To last 19 days in the Amazon jungle is cool. Really cool. Survival skills inspire respect. But … Damn it, man, well, who was pulling it, huh? Free dough wanted, which could be quietly squeezed from the aborigines? Let us suppose. But, damn it, who prevented normal preparation? Stocks, medicines, yes, damn it, at least a guide from the locals! It wasn’t clear what it was about. In short is yes, it’s not a problem. But it has not been canceled. If you are a survivor, you need to know how to avoid.

The story of survival: Yossi Ginsberg. 3 weeks in the amazon jungle

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