The story of the boat “canoe” with his own hands

Sagomorom and I smoked a “tube of advice” sitting on the bank of a river. And pondered what we entertain.

He is silently dragged at the water. This went on for a long time. So much so that I had to remind myself of my presence. Sagomor turned slowly. This time and said:

– We will sail.

And so began the epic “Make a canoe from scrap materials.”

And so, in order to make it, you can:

  • common desire to live in the “Adventure” mode;
  • a good deal of idiocy (who needs canoes on our rivers?);
  • and the very desire to do it.


  • 4 sheets of plywood 1.5 meters 4 mm each,
  • about 100 m of timber 2×3,
  • 1 sheet in 2 cm.

It is on the tree.

But first – make sure that you can bring it all. We were lucky. For each one of us. Unlimited, as well as imperceptibly turned into a few months. Note to followers.

For the start of the plant – for the Darnitsky plant. We purchased plywood – 20mm and 4 mm. I’ve been searching for offers and offers. We have been making a small pilgrimage.

Having begun to learn the basics of joinery. And so, for what we needed all this.

– The sheet, which is 2 cm – it is used for frames. Now we do not need.
– Like this? – it was difficult to hide the outrage. Ready flashed before my eyes.
“We’ll need him later,” my righteous indignation calmed down the Indian.

I learned that the frame of the hull. Otherwise is the transverse timber, keeping it in shape. On the frame plywood is stretched. We had it in 4 mm plywood. In this matter, Sagomor was relentless. He knew that he was needed exactly 4 mm.

– More – too tight. We will not bend. Still, a master canoe, not a tree house. Less – it can easily break. Therefore – exactly 4 mm material.

We also brought wire with us. Copper, not oxidized from water.

We took four sheets of plywood and made special cuts on them that went end to end.

Hole pitch – 10-15 centimeters on one side of each sheet. The wire was tightened and squeezed with pliers. I couldn’t make it out for you.

All these machinations were designed to create a solid structure. But visibility is not enough. In the end, he wondered

Having been taken together everything needs to be done. To the center. Next – the frame, in its shape resembling a bird. This “bird” “sits down” in the “neckline” But it is easier said than done. He has been practicing in particular for a hundred years, as he has not practiced in shipbuilding. But it went.

Initially, the process itself was planned on the pattern. We put the strips between them one by one. But plywood is a cunning beast. Sometimes looks like jelly. Therefore, we had to redefine about 80 percent of the parts. Yes, they were not smooth, but the design turned out!

We have already purchased … no, not alcohol. There was no evidence that there was a “temple of creation”. And we bought an epoxy resin. Perhaps it’s a limit to a basic mention.

It is a hardener. It can be stored for a long time. But, it will be about 40-60 minutes before it is possible to connect them. It is “just a little bit” or “already everything” … well as armed with thick rubber gloves. It will not be necessary to protect against water. If you put it in too much at the most inopportune moment. We still dreamed of entering the deadlines. The vessel. Just armed with inflexible, albeit unreasonable, but vera. Faith with enviable periodicity inspired us to continue. It was still early to put the brushes.

“Another important element,” “Glass fiber.”

It was missed with epoxy mixture. It was quick and it wouldn’t have been hardened.

Ideally, it was necessary to stay on the boat. Best of all – the same epoxy. But we can not afford it. So, I had to use a paint pattern, arranging colored chaos under one of the working evenings. Holly-colors? We didn’t like it.

It was a five meter canoe. Irregular shape. Non-classical form. With unformatted bottom. He gave her the name “Girl”, “The Girl”

So began another fun.

Of the nuances on the water:
If the boat doesn’t have enough weight, it goes very badly. It must be loaded. Up to her stones …

The five-meter boat is fairly stable. It is not visible.

Speed. Canoe is able to gain good speed. A pair of single-seat rubber boat

Capacity – 5 people. They will be easy and convenient. If you are building your eyes

Canoe accelerates well. It turns out poorly. How, in fact, relies canoe.

Excellent walking, not trying to get bogged down.

Tip: If there is a wave – jump into her nose and paddle, cutting. Otherwise, you can roll over.

Our route was simple. Almost all the time we used to manufacture. And it was incomplete four days. Testing the pioneers.

When we’ve been on the road, we’ve been on the road. There is already a sensation of the iconic side of the river. Behind it was a long day, it absorbed all the preparatory stages, … We set the camp dark.

– We need firewood! – a sensible thought that fell from my lips.

He has reached the bottom of the moon.

It was a dry cut, decorative thuja … Which was abound in the district. Superb burning! Especially when its a lot. The pillar of fire is about six meters. We didn’t have a sacrifice It is not a comic to sacrifice. We are meeting with the baptism of fire.

The day of the day with us.

During the trip, we managed to get out of Kiev at night. Swim down the Dnieper to Ukrainka. Cross the dam from the Dnieper to the river Kozynka. And then two more dams along the course. Carried it on hand, – “Girl”, after all! – laying out all things, and after – putting them back. When it comes to the water It was launched from the boarding house, in honor of some kind of celebration. I love you and I am a girl who has been created for you and the intoxicating joy of life.

“We floated well,” said Sagomor calmly, without looking at me, “Everything is better than I expected.”

Not bad … I agree. And I know what the Adventures are just beginning!

The story of the construction of boats&# 171; canoe&# 187; do it yourself

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