The Survival Menu: Fried Locust and Other Recipes

So, our section “menu of the vyzhivalschika” got to the locust. It comes to stay alive. Norwegian pickled fish or fish paste from Southeast Asia. And roast locust is another matter.

Locust – an insect, flies, chirps, interferes with agriculture. It is a hard way, it is a hard time, And if everything goes well, then longer.

We will make stocks.

But it’s clear that it can be crushed. For the enrichment of food protein, for example.

Skipping a locust catching moment is boring. Dexterity insects do not differ, promptness – too. It is possible to catch up with your hands.

So, there is a lively and somewhat panicked locust. For 3 hours. The lower the temperature – the less to keep. In the conventional refrigerator, for example, it still remains active. And in the freezer – will be still helpless. Recommend preparing still lively for example. So she, they say, tastes less. The peace of the world of peace and the peace of the world.

Fried locust recipe

We take it away. Connoisseurs consider them harsh, but if in your plans making locust flour – let them stay.

Next, throw the locust into boiling oil. Constantly stir and wait 3 minutes. Pour into a pan soy sauce for a couple of minutes. Then we put out the paper towel. Actually, everything, roast locust is ready.

The Survival Menu: Fried Locust and Other Recipes

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