The Survival Menu: Kurut

For our long-term storage products, it was made up of our distant nomadic ancestors. It is a good idea to take care of food. It could be saved for a long time without any special conditions. And it often turned out.

With meat and fruit, everything is quite simple. It is another component of the dairy products. For a long time they were not stored at all, but they were drinking at once. It became clear later. But even in that case, it was not stored for long. Fortunately, nomads from Central Asia were dairy products. The result was kurut – There is a lot of food that can be cured.

There are three types of kurut:

  • Maximum storage time. Very salty, dried, compressed hands.
  • Just long-term storage. Lightly salted, dried and boiled.
  • Short storage. Cooked and brought to a pasty state.

Initial production stage kuruta everywhere is the same – take fresh milk and add milk. Instead of koumiss, you can use any other leaven. For 3 days, it turns out to be a warm room. But further schemes differ.

In the first variant, it was taken to dry out slowly. It takes for 2-3. The resulting product is called suzma and also used for various culinary purposes. The water is squeezed and the balls are rolled up. There are little liquid, but they are dried in fresh air. Shelf life of this type kuruta – about a month.

In the second version of cooking kuruta, boils away and evaporates. It is 3 hours on low heat. It is recommended to take a wide crockery – a baking tray with high sides is ideal. A little salt for a little bit of consistency. For a couple of days. is lower, because long digestion.

Third view kuruta It turns out, if to evaporate only half of liquid. It is a soft and slightly sticky paste, which is great for cooking broths and thick sauces. But not for long.

Total, salty dry cottage cheese balls are no longer needed for a long time. After some effort, even the driest kurut it can still be made from any kind. If you are a couple of bites, salty, tasty, nutritious. It goes well with both koumiss and beer.

Cooking kuruta – There is no refrigerator. So take a note of the way you are.

The Survival Menu: Kurut &# 8212; dairy product

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