The survivor to bushcrafter is not a tourist!

… or preparing for the BP (Big Accident).

Modern “people” likes to classify everything and everyone. It is a concept that “I understand the word …” – But I’m not like that. So let’s understand the terms and start using them correctly, well, in fact …


The first I propose to consider the concept of “bushcraft“or”bushcraft“Because this word is borrowed. It’s included in two parts“ bush ”and“ craft ”- if translated literally, it turns out“ bush ”and“ craft ”. chasseurs. Actually, Jaegeri people have been diving in the forests for a long time. Other people were interested in forest in terms of production of firewood and, sometimes, food. The hunters and mushroom pickers were just Jaegeri. Rarely went.

It is literally. Historically, the word bushcraft Appeared in British Australia. Bush – Australian desert. Then they, too, were forced to survive. But this activity was different from what we used to call “survival“What are the fundamental differences:”

  1. Volunteerism. They were ready or thought they were ready.
  2. Unlimited equipment. Any quantity.
  3. Opportunity get out of the situation. At any time, migrants could return to the UK.
  4. Conscious long duration. The settlers rode forever.

Their survival was build houses. Start growing cattle, raise the seed for the Sydney Opera. But it does not call survival in our traditional sense. Daniel DeFo. It is clear that there was a trace.

In summary, we can say that bushcraft – This is a set of actions for a person. It was spent, and it wasn’t that it was spent on the Internet.


The second term is the notorious “survivalSurvived Orchestration

Here, the spheres of hazards are limited to a particular individual. But we must understand that the term “survival“Stands next to the words” emergency “(a sharp negative change in the environment). Not by value, but by order of action. Is over emergency (moved to the passive phase) – started survival. Important factor Emergency, which means survival, It can be noted that although it is sometimes predictable. Here is a list of what can happen to a modern person:

  1. Accident;
  2. falling through the ice;
  3. sudden shutdown of water / light / heat / internet;
  4. building collapse (earthquake or terrorist attack);
  5. robbery / rape;
  6. flood (high water);
  7. Forest fires;
  8. drought.

I repeat – the list is very conditional and even shorter. Especially if you are in the Emergencies Ministry textbooks.

To this heroic survivors In the open spaces of YouTube, when a person goes to the public, he will be able to Survival – There is only a chance for me to go. We will understand further. This is the main goal. survival – go to the people.


Tourism (or travel) – 24 hours to 365 days. Less – excursion, more – permanent residence. In the other words, it is a picnic, a trip to the conquest of the Everest is all tourism. Although its different types. And 90% of LDPE is an excursion. I note that there is no graduation in terms of complexity, danger or exclusivity.

Wait a minute What is this about ?! For all adventures on the buttocks – that’s all tourism? It turns out that yes. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with that. Of course, “tourist“Sounds not as cool as”survivalist“or”bushcrafter“It is in fact, extreme tourism. What happens oh how not simple!

How do you ask? I dont know. Got used to

I hope you always have by tourists, someone, at will, became bushcrafter, and never become nobody survivor in the true meaning of the word.

The survivor to bushcrafter is not a tourist!

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