“The test of drowning”: When is the enemy of the good

There is a special training course called “drowning test” for you. similar to the water test). It has been confirmed as a rule. – Ed.

Task is to survive. The test is successfully completed.

Most of all cadets fail. When immersed in water, they start to panic and scream to be rescued. Where they lose consciousness – then they are exhausted. Over the years of training, there have been accidents.

But some guys manage to pass the test. It turns out that they are conflicting lessons.

First lesson it is quite a contradictory one.

5 minutes with bound limbs just physically impossible to stay afloat. Worse, if you always drown faster. There is a touch on your feet. And then gently push it to the surface. At the top, you must breathe in the air.

Strange, but this method does not require superpowers or special skills. To do this, you do not even need to be able to swim. On the contrary, it requires the ability to not swim. If you’re trying to rescue yourself, you can skillfully use them for survival.

Second lesson, you can spend your time on the outside of the pool.

This is a way to make it. The greater your chance of dying.

This is a case of physical recruitment. Can you control his own impulses? Can you relax in the circumstances of the mortal danger? Will you be able to reach the goal?

Recruit swim. They are more important than their physical strength, endurance and willpower. It is more important that it is a brand of Italian brand.

You can develop yourselves. And not only for military training. For life. The goal is to proportional. We believe that double work creates a double result. You get double love. If you are losing your point of view, you will be right.


The graph below assumes that there is a relationship between the action and the result. Everyday life.

But let me warn you. For example, I’ve been a couple of cans of drink. As if not so. Most laws do not obey linear laws. Such as, for example, for example, driving, signing papers, washing a bathroom, etc. If you’ve done it for 120 minutes, you’ll get it in 60 minutes. But this is only because of these actions.

It is not clear that there has been a pattern. Basically, we’re

Principle of diminishing returns

Thus, it should be noted that (in the economy this is called “diminishing returns)”:

Investor’s rule of thumb. Money is a classic example. Is there a difference between earning $ 20 thousand and $ 40 thousand? Yes, it is huge and can change life. If you earn 120 thousand and 140 thousand dollars, you can buy a heated seat better in the car. But it’s a tax return.

The law of diminishing returns applies for the first time. It is a fact that you can’t make it. forgive me!).

Another example: scientists have been able to find out, in fact, the first 4-5 hours of their implementation. There is no difference between the work and the rest.

Friendship is. You have one friend – he is very important to you. Two friends are much better! But it doesn’t matter. 21 if you have friends, not 20 –

It can be used for food, sex, planning, business meetings, preparing for a game. Make it easier for you. Practically everything is subject to the law of “diminishing returns”!


However, there is another addiction that I have been invented by it. This is the inverse success curve (in economics it is called the “inverted yield curve”).

It’s a no-brainer for it.

The “test of drowning” is subject to the law of this curve. You will drown. You want to choke.

But I hear your thoughts. “And now what, Mark? It is always a matter of course that I can drink it. What do i really care about the inverse curve of success? “

True, few things obey the law of the inverse success curve. But these things are vital. Moreover, I will prove to be a law case.

He has a relationship between simple and uncomplicated. The law of diminishing returns comes in play.

It becomes an inverse.

In search of happiness, you are moving away from him. Attribute baboutmore emotional control just pushes us away from it. The desire for freedom only wants to be trapped. Loving and accepting ourselves.

As Aldous Huxley wrote: “We will achieve it more consciously. This is a combination of rest and activity. “

It is unusual. It is not clear when it comes to mind.

Inverse life

This “Reverse Law” is where it was said “about how to score“: For the positive experience and positive experience.

This applies to most – if not all – aspects of our psychological health and relationships, such as:

  1. SELF-CONTROL. Try to help our emotions and motives. It is aggravates everything. We can give you direction.
  2. FREEDOM. It is an ironically restrictive desire for freedom. Conversely, by choosing or doing things, we can truly become free.
  3. HAPPINESS. Trying to be happy, we make ourselves unhappy. Accepting unhappiness makes us happier.
  4. PROTECTION. We can be in a dangerous position. Conversely, satisfaction with insecurity allows us to find protection around us.
  5. LOVE. We want you to accept it.
  6. RESPECT. Less we will get it. We respect you
  7. THE TRUST. The less we succeed. The greater our reciprocity.
  8. COURAGE. The swineger, the greater diversity and the anxiety of feel. We are in our skin.
  9. READINESS TO CHANGE. We will be dissatisfied with ourselves. We will not accept any garbage.
  10. MEANING OF LIFE. We will be disappointed. The meaning of our own.

It is a fact that you’ve been in the wild. It is the goal of this desire.

If you’re you can’t get it. It seems logical to a dog. It was not so much the case.

But the dog will never do that. The dog is not aware of it.

It is your dream. Stop the chasing after the meaning of freedom and happiness. Give it what it wants. Remember that you’re yourself drown?

And how to do it?

Let go Give up Give in. It’s beyond our understanding. We are temporary spots in infinity. You are powerless, but you because you are strong. Because you decided to abandon what you can not do. You sometimes don’t understand what you’re doing.

If you accept your fears.

Mark Manson, June 2018

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