The True Story of Robinson Crusoe: Alexander Selkirk

The Dean of the Demonstration of Fictional Autobiography or It wasn’t been a novelty, but it’s not a problem. .. However, the latest novels of

What are the words “autobiography”? However, alas, the real Robinson Crusoe never existed.

It’s a lot of fun to do.

Pirates in the service of her Majesty

This is what you want to do. pirates. In extreme cases, privateers, i.e. for the belligerent countries (most often they used the Spanish “golden caravans”).

It’s the island of the island. ” In the latter case, the islands were used as “natural prisons”. Indeed, it is not possible to survive there. This is the “divine court”: and there is no court.

Alexander Selkirk

The scot Alexandra Selkirka. It was a sailor “Senk porWhere was the boatswain. In 1704, he flocked down on the coast of South America. However, there was a very strong temper and one who had been captain of pirates – more expensive). He was in low heights, after that he had to “ship in peace”. Uninhabited island …

Despite the fact that the boat was in the middle of the island, it was 600 miles away from the coast of Chile.

Good start to the story of Robinson

I must say that the equipment has been excellent for those times. Cooking for a pot, a knife and an ax. And most importantly, our hero fits the gunpowder, bullets and a flint. They also invested the Bible. After 300 years, archaeologists have found navigational instruments, thanks to which they can be seen, thus and the month.

Note that he was only a seasoned man, although he was only 27 years old at the time of landing. Alexander at the age of 18 he escaped to the ship by sailor. However, his ship has been sold to slavery. However, you can’t get it in the wrong way …

Having appeared on the desert island, our seaman has lit up rough activity. Cabins: an “office” and a “kitchen.” For example, it is a local variety of fruits and vegetables. Then, it’s tamed. After the couple of years, his clothes fell into disrepair. Using the goatskin clothing. Experience in the shoe workshop. From a coconut half, I made myself a cup on the leg, “furniture”, etc. That is, Selkirk settled down on the island quite thoroughly.

Save humanity alone

Alexander Selkirk never met his “Friday”, The main tests, according to his own admission, were flooded this island. Rats ate food and spoiled the rest of his property. It is clear that it has been made.

However, it was found that it had been tamed, and it protected itself from tailed pests. This is where the island of the goat He read aloud. Despite the fact that he was later confessed, he didn’t really want to know the boat.

Once there was a trip to the island of the piracy yards. The boats were gone again with the goats and cats.

Robinson rescue

But he was nevertheless saved. Four years after his arrival on the island of February 1, 1709, Selkirk. However, the ship “Sank Por” was not there. It is noteworthy that the Woods Rogers, the captain of the ship “Duke”, who was directly involved in the evacuation of the “Robinson”, in his logbook indicated that he was the governor of the island.

Once on the desert, it became clear that there was a peace at the desert island. Probably one of the witnesses of his drunken speeches was Daniel Defoe. Scot didn’t stay long on land. He died at the bottom of the river, he was “buried at sea” (ie, thrown overboard with all the honors). So ended the story of this “Robinson”.

Alexander the Selkirk lived was called “Robinson crusoe“, And the next -“Alexander Selkirk“. But this happened after the inglorious death of the gallant. Scottish boats with a bad temper, who died without knowing that he had become a legend.

Robinson, but not Crusoe. True story

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