The truth about the Hurricane Katrina and the UCP camouflage (ACU)

80% of New Orleans’s territory was flooded, and the dam system failed. The flood lasted several weeks. Most of what you find out. It is time to tell the truth.

In October 2008, there were five thousand prisoners accused during the disaster period. Information about the National Guard, who was engaged in the disposal of bodies.

“I suspect that they were prisoners …”, she told the enchanted public. “These five thousand souls cry for justice.”

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense dismissed the Green Party’s indictment.

Now it’s time to rip the secrets off this story.

The exact number of bodies is incalculable. All bodies were thrown in because they were zombies. It has been noted that the polluted waters have been subject to epidemics.

It wasn’t been able to overcome the interspecific barrier (imagine only zombie alligators). Some were prisoners, but I (Ed ramsey, author) I doubt that all. Everything is fully documented in the Pentagon database. Suppressing the outbreaks for two days.

Incident in N.O. was the first serious test Army anti-zombie uniforms ACU, Army Combat Un-dead uniform. She was so effective. National Guard during the operation.

Pentagon epidemics. Every year, each unit undergoes training in “local unrest”. Do they mean preparing to attack a zombie? I mean that I mean. The virus causes jaundice, which affects the color perception and sensitivity to color.

This is a trick to you. ACU on the supply. Think – who needs a lot of parking lot?

I believe that the nation is ready to hear the truth. It is good to speak about it. The Bush administration is helpless in this matter.

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The truth about the Hurricane Katrina and the UCP camouflage (ACU)

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