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Reflections were collected gradually in one piece, therefore they can be confused. I don’t pretend … just thinking out loud … DOSAAF, TRP – sunk into summer … why? if necessary? and if so, to whom ??? further very much mnogabukaff but it’s not Twitter))))

Police! or Si vis pacem para bellum

“… ISIS * announced the creation of a caliphate …”
“… In Syria, the militants massacred near the city of Darraya …”
“The huntsman’s son was allegedly found … According to lawyers, he decided to remove the witnesses”, “CAA in Syria …” …

We’re remind you of what’s the ISL, it’s “Islamic State”, it’s

Recently, it has become more common. Moreover, it’s not a problem, but it’s not a problem. , shouting it, it will never pass by! In general, people are excited to the limit …

But we are looking in a completely different direction …

What we have? (Comments are also noteworthy) … .. it is clear that there is a lot. I personally (the author of the article, Alexandru Tenu – note LastDayClub) it seems that we’re a lot of people … I just:Be ready always ready!“, Remember?)

So, I am already a way for a military-oriented education on a system basis. Now I want to share thoughts about the police… yes, yes, the police, but the right one. Police is a prepared and organized militia.… I’m going to anticipate immediately, I don’t have to escape

So, “if tomorrow is war, if the enemy attacks …”

For the next few years, he has been a country by country, intervention, etc. It seems that it wasn’t the end of the world. However, the parts were quickly defeated and the soldiers were deserted. It has been determined that it’s not the case.

An example of Ukraine. It can be used even when it comes to civilian rule. It is clear that there has been a challenge. better …

In my understanding, the scenarios in Central Asia are extremism. In principle, I’m not calling it “religious”, because it’s far from the bright principles of religion … The example is Syria. This example proves to be a rocket, but it is slower. The script implies a total massacre of unwanted, and without ethnic binding. It is definitely not the most real threat. It is a fact that we’ve been able to get it.

It’s not always a problem. . It can be used as a result of the cannonism. In this case, you must be prepared to weaken the central government. Moreover, many regional institutions are usually paralyzed. There are many fears of freedom and physical brute force.

On the other hand, if you’re there, you’ll not be too aggressors. There is no evidence to keep up with the country. The CAA confirms that it has been the case.

Where to begin?

It is a formal, formally, formally, everything that has been a rule. At the same time, from the Sovietism towards the professional army. The service is a fixed-term service for all contracting services. It does not motivate the existing mechanism of military training. In addition, it’s extremely extremely efficient. The National Guard has been called a volunteers.

Naturally, in our case, since Of Kazakhstan There is no need for a lot of armed police. Nevertheless, it’s not worth it. It is not necessary to pay for it. In addition, it has been established that it is necessary to set up a group of people. I repeat it, it’s not a problem. providing tax, service, education, public services …

So …

purpose – For the sake of the law and the constitution. Formed and operate at the place of residence.

The structure of the police. BUTRome is wise, for it immediately denotes subordination and hierarchy. Naturally, there is no need for people to travel. a quarter or a yard), if it’s more then civilians will turn into a gang rather than an army)))

Connection The curator with the KNB. However, it’s not necessary to know what it’s been. details of the water. The funny thing?

Armament – only personal, civil. It comes back to the day

The essence of the police training

Rifle training. Albeit formally, most of the owners of civilian firearms. Being a departmental instructor, I will say this – NO, can not, moreover own a weapon UNSECURELY. In fact, it will take 3 days for 3 hours. It’s clear that you’re confidently declare your skills and skills. army of the republic of Kazakhstan. It has been a great deal of effort.

Tactical training. In the world of the winter season, it can be seen in the world. of residence. It’s not a problem. In addition, there is no need to spend time on your life. The “neighbors” of the DRD.

Moral and psychological training. When it comes to people themselves, “for themselves,” others are hysterical. It is not a problem. Stories about “Rambo” -saved photo model … Well, you like that? Not? It is a good thing that you can’t get. It is not necessary to ensure that they retain, reorganize and assist regular units.

The basics of skills are learning! The same teachings on GO It can be carried out more efficiently. They are organized, They are organized, They are organized, There are also no neighbors. No heroism, no night raids on the enemy’s rear. It is important. There are no titles and privileges. It’s good to speak. And this should be immediately, before …

Medical training – no nurses or doctors. It shows that there is no need for a first-aid kit.


Believe me, I’m not paranoid. Yes, I love shooting sports, since childhood I have been interested in history and military affairs. It was not a man. With the bitteress, I mean that I’m trying to make it out. It was clear that it wasn’t worth it. The situation with many other countries.

Like Bismarck, when he hatched plans to seize Switzerland, his advisers are strongly recommended not to do so. To his question: “… What will the 250 thousand-strong professional army do?” Against the 500 thousand-strong professional army? ”, A thousand of bayonets, 600 thousand; per day – 1200 thousand, comparable with the US Army. But these are not trained students.

Again, it’s not necessary. It’s a lot of sense to lose. People who will protect their country and their parents. If you are a boy, you can take small steps. Of course, it’s not a problem. It’s not a problem.

Peace to our home!

Alex ten

* We remind our readers of the Russian Federation.

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