The use of multifunctional tools in tactical operations, the development of multifunctional tools and multitools.

The history of the emergence and development of multifunctional tools dates back to the Second World War. So, for example, the Escape knive (escaping knife) was issued to British pilots, as well as to employees of the secret service SOE (Special Operation Executive – units for performing special operations) and a similar American service OSS (Office for Strategic Services – Office of Operations). 

The use of multifunctional tools in tactical operations, the development of multifunctional tools and multitools.

Knife Escape knive was created by Sheffield firm Joseph Rodgers Sons on the model of a Victorian knife. The meaning and purpose of this tactical tool was that the prisoner of war had the opportunity to escape. The most important component of the tool was wire cutters for cutting barbed wire fences. And in order to prevent the enemy from detecting him at the time of the capture of a soldier, this small tool was hidden somewhere in clothes.

a tool officially supplied by the armies of Western countries. NATO assigned PST instrument official number 5120-99-786-5369 to supply troops.

Along with well-known military elite units, such as the American Navy SEAL (naval sabotage units and combat swimmers) or the British Royal Marines (marines), the German SEK (special task force) also acquired this tool.

A multifunctional tool has largely replaced the knife of police special forces, but still it is impossible to consider it a full replacement for the latter. The efficiency of its use is significantly higher, but you should not compare both of these items of equipment with each other.

The need for multifunctional tools for tactical operations.

With the help of a pocket tool box, one soldier can cope with tasks for which it was previously necessary to specifically engage the rear services. The approach of the rear services to the place of tactical operations took place, as a rule, in difficult conditions and took a lot of time. As a result, due to the delay that arose, the tasks of these services were assigned to field military units, which was more complicated and more expensive.

The best tool is worthless if it is not at hand when it is needed. Therefore, often solving big problems is impossible because of the little things. The field of tactical use of multifunctional tools is quite wide, and it is hardly possible to describe all its capabilities in all situations.

Here are just a few examples. When laying explosives without a tool for cutting wire and stripping, you can not do. The same applies to mine clearing. With the help of screwdrivers, which are part of the multifunction tool and having, as a rule, different sizes of the working part, it is possible to unscrew the hinges on the doors and windows.

A wire cutter located on the levers of the pliers can be used at the same time to cut drawn handcuffs, which, as a rule, are extremely durable. Depending on the modification of the multifunctional material, its elements such as saws, knives for opening cans and others, can provide invaluable service during cooking in the field. The list could well be continued.

Features of multifunctional tools for tactical operations.

As with tactical combat knives, the surface of multifunctional tools should not glare as far as possible. It would be very annoying if, due to a simple reflection of the light, the entire tactical unit would be found, and the operation failed. Therefore, most manufacturers offer tools made of blued steel for use. Unfortunately, experience shows that these coatings are often very vulnerable..

But, like firearms, the coating layer wears out a bit only in places experiencing heavy loads, and large surfaces remain black, which is ultimately the most important thing. As a rule, little attention is paid to standard rings for ITM straps. Although in the conditions of hostilities they can play a very important role, since the loss of an instrument in certain circumstances can become a matter of life and death.

The range of models of multifunctional tools offered by firms is as diverse as the cases of their application. Almost every American company has launched its own model. Even the Swiss company Victorinox has created its own high-quality multi-tool.

Unfortunately, many of these tools are not always rational in use or simply inconvenient. One can only assume that some firms sought to ensure that their products differed only from Leatherman tools.

Leatherman Multifunction Tools for Military and Police.

The multifunctional Leatherman tools of the first generation did not have the ability to fix the items that make it up, so handling the blade was fraught with danger of injury. Multifunctional tools of the second generation were already equipped with locking systems. Despite this, one cannot guarantee that the owners of certain models are completely safe from such troubles..

If, for example, you tightly squeeze the halves of the handle while working with pliers, then you will experience few pleasant sensations. The edges of the handle begin to dig into the fingers and palm. Tim Lizerman learned a lesson from this sad experience, and in his model, Leatherman Wave changed the arms accordingly. Despite this, the old and burnished versions of the PST and Super tools, as before, are among the most common multifunctional tools among special forces.

Leather cases designed for such tools are made very compact, but after a few weeks of operation they do not look very attractive. As an alternative, the company offers a cordura case with a Velcro lock, which, however, is subject to a rather critical assessment in various tactical situations for well-known reasons..

Multifunctional Gerber, Victorinox and SOG tools for military and police.

A big competitor for Leatherman, no doubt, is Gerber. The big advantage of this company’s multi-tool is the ability to open it with one hand. With a sharp turn of the brush from the wrist, the pliers are thrown out and locked. Gerber, like Leatherman, also offers two models suitable for use in tactical operations and specially designed for this.

One Gerber Multilock, the other Gerber D.E.T. (Demolition Explosive Technical). The latest model is equipped with the tools necessary for working with subversive tools. These include special pliers for preparing incendiary devices and a gimlet (C-4 Punch) for drilling holes for the ignition capsule in plastic explosives. Both models have standard, fairly durable cordura cases..

Especially for the Norwegian army, Victorinox manufactures its Swiss Swiss tool in black (NATO supply number: 5110-25-147-5018). The fourth manufacturer of multifunction tools is SOG Specialty Knives, with its Powerplier and Paratool models, both blued.

The capabilities of multifunctional tools during tactical operations.

Tactical operations are now inconceivable without multifunctional tools, but each user must clearly understand the boundaries of their capabilities. In tactical combat operations, they cannot replace a knife that can be quickly pulled out and in emergency situations instantly free yourself, for example, from a rope or parachute slings.

As for multifunctional tools, here, as a rule, both hands are needed to first open the pliers, and then the blade. If gloves are on hand, then these actions are even more difficult. With his Leatherman Wave tool, Tim Lyserman tried to solve this problem with a single-handed blade. However, the glove problem remained unresolved..

All multifunctional tools do not exclude the risk of injury in stressful situations, since the handles do not have hand protection that prevents sliding of the hand towards the blade. Due to the lack of insulation, the multifunctional tool cannot also be used for working with voltage wires, so in such cases it is necessary to resort to a special tool.

In short, multifunctional tools are, without a doubt, a rational addition to a combat tactical knife, but in no case a substitute for it, even if in some departments they would like to see it in that quality.

Based on the book Modern Combat Knives.
D. Paul.

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