The use of stress in fire training

It has been shown to be in a heart rate. It is a good idea to take care of the situation.

The body’s response is in a stressful situation. If you’re not really interested in shooting?

In the video: Illustration of the events described in the article

American instructors. In the case of many private military companies.

He didn’t work out of him. It became clear that it became clear. From the ground, blasted and reacted with a tampon, it was confused.

But the instructor did not give up. He was a gifted cadet for individual training. It was about 400 times.

The despair had already been read on the instructor’s face. It was a “gifted” citet. It was a powerless line.

On the next stress test

I had enough free time. No one, of course, did not object. The guy understood decently in English, so I had chances. If you’re trying to use it, you can’t use it. Carefully, slowly, the guy started getting better and worse. Of course, he was able to achieve a noticeable improvement.

He returns to his feet as he returns. Classes end and we are packing things up, going back to the hotel. Of course, I had to share my thoughts.

Fear can be called a mandatory attribute of stress. Fear arises when confronted with uncertainty. It is not clear how to handle weapons. It is a fact that it will not be necessary for you to underline it. Skills give confidence, cope with fear and stress.

My colleague ranger disagreed with me. He recalled the years spent in the US Army, and remarked:

“We were pressured from arriving at KMB. There are many new tasks for you. So we were taught. Those who didn’t stand it were the best. “

And he was absolutely right. In many units, the initial training course is also a selection course. No need to babysit

It has been seen. It is a clear concept of relaxed comfort and comfort.

It was the time when it was received.

It is not clear that people will be able to make it.

Rifle training

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