The world’s largest nuclear bunker. If you hide, then in a big way

The United States has a very significant drawback. Therefore, there are so many “preachers,” “messiahs,” and “religious leaders” among the American people. But there is another side to this issue. For example, he sees it in the fire strikes. He created giant bunker somewhere near the Missouri River in East Kansas. But about everything in order.

Refuge for 5 thousand peopleRefuge for 5 thousand people

In the nineteenth century, limestone mines were actively developed. But they were closed to the US Army, which organized huge warehouses in these caves. But he wondered if he wanted to sell the mines at auction. I had to answer three times. Kobe Collins still interested in this interesting proposal.

And then Robert Visino, who bought 75 percent of the mines and organized construction there giant bunker. But why exactly there? There were several reasons for this:

  • Scale. Abandoned limestone mines over 60 football field.
  • Depth of caves are located at a depth of about 45 meters. Fifteen-story house.
  • A place. Exact location giant bunker infinite circle of people. And even if it is possible to calculate it, the outlets to the shelter are well disguised.
  • Protection. The limestone, in which the caves are located, are the blocks and the blast waves.

According to Visino himself:

The megaton blast is at a distance of 10 km.

Inside is very spaciousInside is very spacious

Giant bunker will consist of two parts. Technical support and services, as well as various offices. The residential complexes will be located. For a total of 5 thousand people.

Kobe Collins near the card seekersKobe Collins near the card seekers

Then you are mistaken. To get into giant bunker need to pay, and a lot. The cost of one foot space is $ 1,000. Plus separately for the food in 1500 dollars. It is a little bit more than 50 thousand dollars a year.

It is not necessary to gather. But there are those that are not, considering what is happening in the world. It will be recommended that he recommends giant bunker no one will be allowed.

The world’s largest nuclear bunker. If we are already hiding

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