The World War will begin.

It is a question of the world war III beginnings. If you’re there, then you’ll not be available.

Aaron Clauseta of the University of Colorado. This is a comrade approach to the Third World War.

On the whole story … From 1823 about 2003. But almost all the most significant conflicts were listed. It became known that Third World War it’s not a complete system.

Yes, gentlemen. Mathematical statistics is a great thing. If, for example, he will remain the same. Stimulation factors are taken into account. If you’re not afraid of peace, then you’ll continue to like it. Thanks to everybody, you’re free.

Well, we are experts in science, sociology and other very interesting sciences. It is obvious that there will be a period of 150 years. This is a change of 5 active generations, in the end! But each generation is markedly different from the previous one. It can be argued, for example, that after 200 years, it will be altogether. And what trends are there? There is. So we mathematically extrapolate them. Without taking into account the individual national and cultural characteristics, of course.

It is a meaningless undertaking. Could even 30 years ago be able to predict all this fuss with tolerance? And with the Islamization of Europe? In short, thanks to the practical point of view. What do you think?


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