The zombie apocalypse is real – there are zombies among insects!

Cannot be anything new. With all the plots – only a compilation of several basic scenarios. With all the scenarios of science, mankind has already faced. “Aha, of course,” you say. – A zombie? Something I do not want to remember. “

It is not a problem for any reason. It is not surprising that the writers were inspired by these ideas. No seriously. A parasitic fungus zombieLast of us“- a reality, like a parasitic worm, taking a brain. One thing pleases …

But let’s start first …

A fungus, sprouting out of the body

Such a nice fungus, cordyceps, grows in the forests of China. A relative of our ergot. Well, such small black horns, which sometimes appear on the spikelets of cereals. Very useful plant – it is used for biosynthesis of a popular immunosuppressant cyclosporine. It is considered a powerful aphrodisiac and tonic substance. Here it only spreads in a very interesting and ominous way. Cordyceps grows only with a certain humidity, temperature and light. It is not suitable for him. So how does a fungus get into comfortable living conditions?

A way out was found at least 46 million years ago. The spores of the fungus are known to be under control. An infected ant doesn’t suspect anything – he lives, seeks food, enjoys life. But at a certain stage of his behavior changes. He leaves the team and climbs the middle forest floor. There he clings to the underside of the leaf and dies safely. Begin to sprout through chitin.

Fun, right? The fungus of the ant. It can be taken under control. And we eat these disputes. And we consider aphrodisiacs. The body of mind and the body of mind. But who knows what a surprise evolution will bring us. Who knows …

The parasitic worm, the falling into a zombie

In the middle zone there is a small parasite – lanceolate fluke. Such a small flat worm. Lives in the liver and bile ducts. The ultimate carrier is cattle. Cows there, all sorts of sheep. People sometimes. But it’s not about them. It is about the secondary intermediate host – the ill-fated ant. Runs an ant in their work cases. Suddenly he sees, or rather he senses – delicious-smelling garbage. We must eat it. A delicious-smelling garbage – snail mucus filled with small carrots. The creature enters into the body of the brain. There they turn into cysts – encapsulated and well protected from various influences of the form.

And the ant doesn’t die; He needs a final owner. Therefore, ant behavior is changing. During the day, he runs down the pathway, he spends his time. What for? It’s easier to gobble up. The ant is safely digested, cysts penetrate into the intestines, and then into the liver. Great, right? Small parasitic worms run by small. It will be up to you.

The most fantastic scenarios. Side by side. He was getting ready for a little step towards capturing the world.

The zombie apocalypse is real: There are already zombies in the insect world!

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