The zombie apocalypse

The whole genre. zombie apocalyptics:

If there is a path to protect themselves from infection?

The meeting of the US Academy of Physical Sciences gives a dynamic statistical simulation zombie epidemics, Where do you want to go?

Although zombies, at least for today, remain fictional zombie epidemic. The Cornell University model of recreates a population of 300 million people;

  • Healthy
  • Infected
  • Acting zombies
  • Dead zombie

It’s also a epidemics practically doomed.

As this simulation shows, it is mountainous and sparsely populated areas, such as Montana, Idaho or Dakota in the United States. For example, it can be considered that zombie apocalypse.

It’s not a problem. Not surely ensured complete invulnerability to an epidemic. Researchers summarize their program in a rather gloomy vein:

“We conducted a full-scale simulation zombie epidemics “We’re doomed.” “


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