There is such a guy in every school …

There is such a guy in every school. Sits always alone. No one is friendly. Silent Single mother. Teachers do not like him. Peers are hounded. Or ignored (which is even worse).

He lives with his mother Hates everyone around. Long hangs on the network. Reads a lot. How can you take a gun and shoot. How to make explosives with their own hands. How to put offenders on their knees. How to knock out their brains – and then myself. To one stroke. All problems.

And he sees it on TV, And he understands: yes, you can!

Takes a shotgun. Goes to school. And does what he wanted. Then dozen stories are being filmed. Make a reconstruction of events. A couple of documentaries. And he becomes an example for the following.

Then they will say that the weapon is to blame. Weapons must be banned. Terrible assault rifles, tactical shotguns, hunting rifles – all banned. But no, with a hammer, a hammer, a hammer, a hammer, you can make it.

They say that the whole thing in video games. But the number of teenagers is living on the planet. It plays 99.9% – It doesn’t correlate at all.

So what is the reason?

Columbine, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Roseburg, Tehama, Parkland, Santa Fe … in the 90s – three or four times a year. From 2000 to this day – almost monthly. In 2018 – two or three incidents per month.

The effect of a snowball. This shit gone viral. “So in America,” they said before. Now the phenomenon has reached us. Welcome to reality.

What to do?

Eliminate the causes. Prepare for the consequences.

The reason for shooting is most often bullying. Yes, yes, the “new” fashioning “bulling”, it’s not necessary – but no: time is different. The world has changed. It was a school course. There are more than enough models to follow.

Bulling is serious. Is it dangerous. This needs to be addressed.

Where does your child study, can a fire occur? – Of course yes!

If you are a child? Know where the fire exits, how the evacuation takes place, how to call 101, where are the fire extinguishers? Civil defense training, is that all? – Of course yes!

If you’re looking for something to do it?

It has been started at school?

Does he have a clear algorithm of actions? Where to run, where to hide, how to barricade, where to go How to help the wounded, to stop the bleeding?

Maybe the school guard knows this? “If you didn’t know.

Do you know this teacher? – Of course not! This can not be, because there has never been!

Alas. It has already been. It will be again. It is time to accept, as a given, And remember this thought. To cuddle with her. Talk about it with the kids. Make a plan in advance!

When did Noah build the ark? – Before the rain!

Practice. Life bentzhene!

(c) Anton Farb

There is such a guy in every school.&# 8230;

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