Thermometer broke

Mercury is dangerous. This is an axiom. It can enter the body in two ways: through digestive tract or through Airways. Eat a ball of mercury, of course, you can hardly. (You should be a small child. But in this case, you should call and ambulance.)

But inhale mercury vapor if available broken thermometer – easily. The result is mercury poisoning, which can occur for a long time without any general symptoms.

Irritability, nausea, weight loss. It was difficult, and then it was harmful. However, it’s poisoning the body and kidneys.

What do we have to do?

  1. Put on your mercury before collecting mercury rubber gloves: The substance should not come in contact with exposed skin.
  2. Limit the place of the accident. Mercury It can be used for all parts of the room.
  3. Collect as carefully as possible mercury jar with cold water, tightly close the screw cap. Water is needed in order to mercury did not evaporate. Keep the jar away from heating appliances.
  4. Fine droplets can be collected using syringe, a wet newspaper.
  5. Open windows and air the room. If any evaporation remains in the window.
  6. Spill Location mercury process with bleach or chloramine solution. It will oxidize mercury, non-volatile state. If you want to find a hot soap-soda solution: 30 grams of soda, 40 grams of grated soap for water.

What can not be done?

  1. You can’t throw a broken thermometer in the garbage chute. Two grams evaporated there mercury able to pollute six thousand cubic meters of air.
  2. Can’t sweep mercury a broom: tough rods crush poisonous balls into small ones mercury dust.
  3. Can not collect mercury The air cleaner helps to reduce the risk of evaporation. In addition, it is immediately thrown away.
  4. In no case mercury, scatter throughout the room.
  5. Do not wash clothes and shoes that were in contact with mercury, in the washing machine. Whenever possible – it is better to throw away.
  6. Can not be lowered mercury down the drain. To settle in sewer pipes. By the way extract mercury out of the sewer is incredibly difficult.

Thermometer broke

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