Thirty cartridges and Kalashnikov at the bottom …

If you are a young man of peace, do you think? It is your peace of mind.

In peacetime, nothing to lose. It would be desirable to make sure that it was not a problem. Lost a wheel? Blind cardboard! Hole in the case? Putty and paint with paint!

There are logs. The journals are numbered, strung together and thereafter. It is recommended that you check the property carefully and carefully.

If you’re not It is in the army. Ranging from the nail and paronitovoy gasket and until strategic cruiser. Gave you a hundred pads? Be Dober – consider them down! I’m not putting a pinch on one? And do not fuck anyone! Put one – write one, damn it! It has been a great deal.

Can you imagine the system and the red-coated gaskets in your department? Red honey, I emphasize this word. I once had an unaccounted linkage. I can be completely king: there is experience. No one needs a king by any chance? For example, it can be used as a water sealant for a long period of time.

We once had a sailor Kuznetsov drop machine overboard. With a horn of cartridges, naturally. It is difficult to imagine even more serious a sense of the sailor Kuznetsov. It was a divisional scale PE.

If, for example, it was a scourge of terrorists, It is a clear concept of the law. And God forbid, there would be fifty-nine shells !!!!

– Where is the patron affairs, bitch? – the special men would ask Kuznetsov, smiling sweetly. – How is it where? I am .. watering from two horns! Rolling from the side to the bullets !!! I … this one !!! Hero! – And you can be a coup d’état, really? WHERE THE PATRON FUCK !!! He didn’t need to be able to sleep. For sure. And then – automatic and thirty rounds!

It is a fact that it’s not a problem. It was a peace in the world.

– …? – asked the miner pointing at Kuznetsov’s chest – Tash, Senior Lieutenant, I dropped it! – …? It is clear that it has been carefully measured. .

“I dropped it into the bay,” Kuznetsov sighed sadly. – …,?!?!?!? – the miner was surprised. “… as … as … as” – echoed as usual. – Well, I’m looking for it And then at the miner, finally, a voice cut through: – So why didn’t you yourself drowned after him, cormorant !!! So it would be all fuck out !!! Well drowned and drowned and dick with him !!! And now what to do ???? Dive fucking fucking !!!

And when choosing a place to base Sharks, then, of course, looked at it. Therefore, it was up to 50 meters, it was about 50 meters.

– This is what happened on the watch of a miner? – he asked for a commander in the morning – Not at all, San Seich! – Here I am – by no means. Miner slapped his eyes. – Oh, – the senior officer waved away from him, – just don’t have to rejoice again! What the fuck are you so kosyachny? Well? What do you want to tell me? What is not your fault? It is a policeman who is on the field. If you are on the road, do you? – In our, – corrects its commander. – Yes, San Seich, but what about ours? – In our crew. So I’m like this too, master. Not like you, of course, but nonetheless. – Well, let, – the miner, call the miner, call.

He is still an investigator. By the special technique. And our senior assistant!

It is hung up around its neck.

– Well, come on, show: where he stood, as dropped. – Nuuuu stood here and threw it like this. – Soooo. Untie the string. Come on, flip it. Naturally, a piece of pipe from the sailor. – Give me more tossed over! Two meters away. “Oddly enough,” he said, “Fucking-eyed pizdun, go and wait for the tide.

It was a lawsuit. – Well, tell me what you saw? – Nuuuu, as – eeee, etaaa … – Hey, you! Here you will find out how to chose me? What did you see? – Well, it’s far from the pier, you don’t see too much … —Yes, it’s understandable, tell me what you don’t see. – Well, here he was jumping chopping, galloping back and forth and waving machine guns. Here it is. – Clear, free. Call me this disco dancer from Tide!

A dull disco dancer arrives. – Well so, let’s tell! Specially machine threw away? – Nooo. – What do you think? Mumble, fuck and slip thoughts like on a wet dick ?! I wouldn’t like you You will understand the torture! Do you think they are spreading? But dick you guessed it! Not! Ras! Pros! Tra! Nya Yut! Xia!

And that’s what turned out. It was a little bang on the top of the watch. matter) and he like a bazuha more like. He entered into a rage (Khuyazh, said the Chief Officer) during the performance of the song “Ai, I’m Made Maid”. Kalashnikov assault rifle) back and forth your body. Where did you see that he was throwing his head and tongue sticking out? And during the final passage, Kalashnikov assault rifle I couldn’t stand up for this bit.

He took the trumpet, turned to the sea.

– Almost perfect ballistic trajectory! – commanded by the commander, watching the flight of the pipe, gurgling into the sea. – Well so! I’m a strategist! – agreed to be on fire? – And let’s go! Morning I feel, ceases to be languid!

To my sincere admiration, a lot of people noticed a gross typo, which I intentionally made. The word “to lose“In the navy is spelled and pronounced, actually as”to drive through“. I am glad that many of you know this.

It is a certain and well followed by the system of reports. It is clear that it is possible to look at your eyes and your superiors. The fact that you are heroically overcame while you are overweight. But you shouldn’t be able to keep track of your trip.

Based on this principle and build relationships of interdependent army groups. For example, warlord It’s a bit looser, even if you’re a freak and a commander. It is not necessary to take any precautions before defending the divisions. I knew.

“Well, Seryoga,” the commander asked, “what are we reporting to the division?” – Tasch commander, and agree with the PDSS quietly will not work? – It will come out of course, and they will be in the water area? So, of course, would be a saboteur? – Well yes. Will you call or me? – Yes, I, of course.

The heading is more hungry than the commander. They also included a course of protection. He is a commander of the guard, he is a flagman, an electrician, – Sasha, how is that ?! – rushed the division commander in the center.

Our commander was silent.

– My best commander has a single case !!!

Our commander was silent. He wasn’t a miner and he knew what to say.

– Sasha, why are you silent? What we shall do ?! – The tasch of the counter – admiral We have two ways out: either we report, or get the machine yourself. – How simple you are, Sasha! – Well, how Kalashnikov assault rifle! – Blyaaaad !!!!! Marine, what’s there with PDSS, we can agree? – No problem! – Dap should be? – Yes, not everybody, everyone understands, they will do that.

The flagship navigator of the discussion: – It has been re-moored, how can we call it tugs? It will be quietly, then they are saboteurs, but tugs? “I can even without tugboats,” the commander waves him off. – Why, dick you without tugs !!!! We will tear down the pier! Fuck us so many piers, right? – disagrees division commander. – Magnet. – Takes the word flagship electrician. He is looking for a crab on his cap. – Fuck, I’m waiting for you to fly! – can not stand the division commander. – In terms of? So what’s there? There are no lines, no lines, no mooring lines, – So we find it like there? “Well, there are now fifteen people, plus, besides, the kings of nature, plus one Marine. Let’s think about it!

So, they are a map of currents, estimated automatic sail It is estimated that it could be lie. What do you think? Strategists have a strategic approach to everything!

The square turned out very impressive, I tell you. Therefore, it was for the automaton, it was decided to assemble a video camera with a lantern, a TV set and, accordingly, a winch with two blocks. To get it – a magnet. It has been found that it can be used as a spare part for spare parts, either from the ertessniki or for the navigators. He was trying to get out of the box, he tried to make it out. And, if you still don’t know, then the submarine is all iron.

– Well, Sasha, will you move back quietly? – Specifies the division commander. It is a question of the question of the rear admiral.

And, you may not know about cameras with a TV. On submarine 941 project TVs were in all cabins practically. If you’re looking at what was going to show it, it’s not a problem. and gray image without batting tube kinescope.

It was a scraper. They were soothed. Naturally, they were designed to reach six hundred meters (500 degrees). As it was done technically, I suspect that design offices of the USSR military industry If you were given such a task.

“So, Hafizych,” “Tasch the commander, the miner is to blame – dismantle the camera! There is a day for a day! “Hafizych, are you a fool?”

Miner, offended by pouting his lips, who is pouting his lips, – Even the dick itself will break, it will become! – protects the commander of the mine division.

At the coastal base, a special group spissed the cable bay and cable. At this time, the second group mounted a winch on the pier. I’m not sure what I’ve been trying to do. It is not clear that the motor has a line of international operation began.

He said that he was a navigator. If you have never seen it, in fact, especially in the basing points. It was not a lot of fun to shoot at Cameron on the Titanic. Absolute darkness, slimy rocks and small calfs crabs. In addition, there is a possibility that they were accidentally dropped there.

Find the pipe startman – This Sanych !!! – shouts the first watchman on the cables, – we will get your pipe? – Of course, get it !!! If you’re my wife, not a subordinate! Learn sons, a senior assistant even at once !!!

Machine searched for almost a day. You understand that there were no joysticks and there, like in the movies? Underwater knights! You can’t notice it much. Machine pulled out, dried, wiped back as they could, and planted back into the armory pyramid. Sailor Kuznetsova morally humiliated to impossibility, but forgiven. It was a miner and for company.

Since then i’m sure that no tasks, which is impossible to solve, If you have there is a group of like-minded people, clear goal and desire to protect each other. And what do you think?

Author – Ovechkin E.A., project

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