“This war of mine”: simulator of survival in war

This is a game of war of mine. Shelters from the shelling – these are your tasks. This is not a fun adventure – this is survival …

For the first week of hire.

It is far. It was literally everywhere: it was a “battlefield” where it showed. It has been a lot of effort. There are also literally obliterated optical sights. But there isn’t much of a computer screen. The real war is terrible and frightening.

Peace of mind, he created. But it’s not a bad idea.

It is a “pattern break” in the gaming industry. Prior to this, one way or another, were at defeating the enemy. The “shooter.” In this case, it became a battlefield. For a player, cities and villages are simply “decorations” and “backgrounds” in such games. The statistics of casualties among civilians will be displayed on the right. And that’s all. About the fate of the virtual refugees is not accepted.

In our case, we’ve become a hostel of the situation. They are not soldiers, they are not soldiers. It could not have been achieved.

The game simulates urban survival. It was not a clear case for women to live through it. Republic of Graznavia). This could be the situation. And it’s a real catastrophic …

The player receives a group of residents. It is a scourge. There is a lot of fronts, but civil. This is a shot of the city. There are no groups for bandits and marauders. Characters are prone to illness and even depression than the same marauders. For forty days.

You can leave it at night. If you’re trying to do so, you can’t tend to zero. It is clear that after the dawn. At night, only one character goes to the hunt. However, our players can also be killed (for improvised means) and steal. But at the same time they will incur serious losses in terms of morality. It will be a little aggravation of depression,

Even though it’s not worth mentioning it, it’s possible to mention it. Depression is “treated”, if you’re even able to make it through. This greatly increases morale (especially female characters). It is a morale to go to the ruins of the city.

About the shelter should be told separately. It consists of a dozen rooms. Each room is designed for something. This includes a kitchen with a fridge, a bathroom with a fridge. Asylum from the bandits. It is a notepad for the night. You can not fight them. It is carried out through the workbench, radio tuning, etc. You also need to “pump” the skills of the characters. If you’re looking for a piece of furniture, it’s possible to use it.

The characters are the most random people. The composition of the film may vary. Someone may leave (most likely – to another world), someone else may join. There is a mathematician, a frail (but clever) mathematician, a student, a thief, a coffee girl, a journalist, a retired, a lame mover, etc. All their needs.

Trading in the game. To do this, there are special “outlets” where you can meet merchants. It’s not. For example, journalist Katya, who trades best. If you want to use it, it’s not a problem. But the character of Light, for example, loves children very much and charity. Each character has its own weaknesses and advantages. So, the mathematician Anton has the least of all …

In such conditions, players will have to survive. It can be a problem. Although it wasn’t a realistically realistic city, but it didn’t help. The whole game is filled with despair. After it, now reports from hot spots that are filled with our news feeds are now perceived differently.

And in conclusion – the video:

“This war of mine”: simulator of survival in war

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