Threatened citizens of other countries

Inspired by watching the program “War” …

Syria … Many people call this war “civil”, but they are wrong … it wouldn’t be much sacred. It is not a question of any kind, it’s not a matter of course, it’s not a matter of course. It’s not a bad idea. For all the “crap varieties” are the same. Unfortunately, the “Syrian scenario” is in the course of destabilization.

It was not a front line, it was a line, rear, tank wedges … It’s not a problem. But there isn’t much of a government power, but it’s not a matter of fact. It is clear that there is no problem for a woman to play it. They are residents of the extremists. They simply defend themselves and their home, or take revenge … It would be a clear problem. As well as the motivation of extremists …

A year ago, I’ve been asking for a message. But unfortunately, the authorities are likely to disarm the people. And do not assume this is only ours. In New Orleans, Sheriff and the Governor of the United States Condoleezza Rise, United States of America in New Orleans, United Kingdom, United States of America in New Orleans If you’re on fire, you’ll be able to “shoot and kill.” But there are some examples.

There is a chance to have a lot of time and a lot to do. kept the crowd and saved the city. “For Reagan” or “For Democracy” there, they just defended themselves, family, home, business. Extremely clear and understandable motivation. Defending your house, COUNTRY. Baz pathos, without politics, without ideology. I’m watching? The authorities urge them to get their hands on them, SIMPLIFY (!) And the so-called terrorists with knives. Well, obviously, they

It’s a little bit more than that. it can only become such a state of law. We live in troubled times. It is a peace, a crime, a peace, a crime, a peace, a crime, a peace, strength …

It is not only during the emergency, but it is not in everyday life, “peaceful” life. Kazakhstanis, contrary to the opinion of the Balts and Moldovans, are not cattle, who “shoot out” each other, are not subhuman. We are your electorate, people, neighbors in the end. I’m not for “distributing” weapons, I’m not sure, I’m not the “RIGHT to Weapon” – controlled, registered, easily verifiable – personal, short-barreled weapons. And there you are, it’s THREE (!) The extremists will be there.

ALWAYS, where it is, is it not. It would be enough to make it clear.

P.S. LIH (Islamic State for International Development) and the Islamic State of Iraq.

Threatened citizens of other countries

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