Three common misconceptions about body armor

The main goal is to complete a combat mission. If this is the case, it is not necessary to get it down or touched by a splinter. The history of remedies has been created. tactical body armor, It effectively performs its task, minimally constrains the movement. Nevertheless, there are comrades. Actually about such common misconceptions about body armor we’ll talk.

Misconception the first: “

It depends on the distance between the shot and the caliber. That is, starting from a certain distance, injuries can be avoided at all. In this case, it’s solely for your problem. In addition, as shown by statistics on the nature of combat damage, The main danger is not bullets, but fragments. They account for up to 70 percent of all injuries. It is a great deal of care. In addition, there is no need for a body that turns into a superficial bruise. So what is it common misconception about body armor although it does not work.

Fallacy second: “I’d rather take more cartridges – they are more needed”

On average, a tactical body weighs 8 kg. Those 8 kg weigh two projectiles for RPGs. On the one hand, it is a logical assumption. Faster suppress your fighter point. That is, your partner is not affected. And while he is methodically doing his job – you continue to fire. If you are not in the cold, you’ll see it. Additional ammunition also makes it impossible to take care of it. It is not protected by ammunition. So this misconception about body armor also not justified.

Misconception three: “Without a bulletproof vest, I move faster, I will accomplish the task faster”

Extremely popular misconception about body armor says: without body armor, you can move faster, maneuver better, so less fatigue. Faster than you want to solve the combat mission. In practice, the fighter will still be very loaded – ammunition, ammunition, etc. will not be able to weigh less than 20 kg. And the difference between 20 and 28 is not so great. In addition, it is a priori smart move. 8 kg will not help anything. But a tired fighter With a bullet-proof vest. And again, remember about misconception about body armor Number one – even if she is a fighter, she will be afraid of him.

In short fighting you’re not ready to go. Therefore, the protection can not be neglected in any case. It is a question.

Three common misconceptions about body armor

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