Three main steps to prepare for heat and drought

Heat – the first sign of drought, and drought – with the result that water scarcity. If you live in dry area, prepare yourself as it should. Here are the three parts.

Part 1. Prepare an emergency supply

First, let’s calculate the water consumption plan

Heat and drought will sooner or later lead to water shortage. For the first few weeks, or even months. So, an action plan for the case heat and drought:

  • man needs about 3 liters of water per day, plus hygiene. At least 4 liters / day;
  • some need more: from 4 lactating mothers, people with chronic diseases;
  • take into account emergency medical care. The patient needs more fluid to avoid dehydration. Wash washing also needs extra water;
  • label all family members consumption limit water;
  • do not bring it to dehydration. Drink as much as you need to survive. Lost tourists are often found dying from dehydration, but retaining some fluid reserve.

Now stock up on bottled water

It is already considered at least 4 liters per day. Stock up to bottled water. Use it when accessing drinking water will not remain.

Finally, we will install a rainwater harvesting system

Actual for the owners of their home or summer cottage (with the house).

Tons of water fall annually from precipitation. Collect it, and then use it for household needs. At the same time, you will save on water bills.

  • buy a big barrel (200 liters) at a hardware store. If you are on water;
  • place it under drain pipes and direct drain in a barrel;
  • if there are no pipes, where the water flows;
  • carefully filter rainwater, if you are going to drink it. For three minutes.

Part 2. We are engaged in water in the house.

It’s time to get rid of them.

A lot of water flows out of leaky pipes every year. During heat and drought it will work against you. Check the housing thoroughly for leaks:

  • start with kitchen and bathroom taps, water can flow out here too;
  • then inspect the toilet, and inspect the drain tank. Life hacking: add food coloring, do not wash it off for 30 minutes, then check if it has changed;
  • don’t forget about water meter. If you’re liking the difference, it’s not a problem. If you can’t, call the plumber.

Now we will install water-saving equipment.

What is it? Like this? What for? It is a little secret: Replacing such a drain on the water-saving equipment will lead to savings, both money and water, and heat, may save your life:

  • use a low-flow shower spray during washing;
  • Install a toilet with a small flush tank.

Learn to turn it off

Do not turn off the water shaving is a bad habit. Close the tap.

Let’s start using the water

Remember when you’re in the shower turn on the water and wait until it warms up. It takes from a few seconds to a minute, and water flows away. Water, water and plants.

Part 3. Prepare the society for the heat

We will take part in conferences on water conservation

In many cities prone to heat and drought are discussing water policy. If the topic water shortage bothers you too, take part. Do everything to water effectively used. Local authorities often promote meetings of this kind, google. If not found – organize yourself.

Let’s campaign to introduce the practice of water conservation.

You must now be able to take care of the whole of society.

Promoting laws to control water purification

Water pollution prove to be a problem heat and drought. It is not possible to clean up polluted reservoirs right now.

This algorithm is not hard. Adjust it, focusing on your weather, family and gluttony. Remember that heat and drought weather forecasters sometimes wrong. Be ready.

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