Three snake recipes to try

Since the animal had been such a snake. Tried to fix it. They are so cold and nasty, and sometimes deadly. But you know what they are? Delicious.

So, someone decided to explore the unusual side of Chinese cuisine. If you’re looking for something like that.

Snake meat, however, is not some fashionable culinary trend or just another fad. It was found. Invented animal husbandry, it was completely satisfying to predatory instincts of people. Traditionally has been established historically.

It makes sure that it makes it so that it can be snooped up. Only the body goes to food poisoning glands. It is a little bit more than a long lasting incision. And then pull out the meat from the ridge. If you’re on your side, you’ll find out.

Chinese Snake Soup

Snake strips in breading

Food extraction

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