“Through death!” – cars for survival in a zombie apocalypse

With offensive BP as zombie apocalypse It’s a life of peace of mind. , then you need to know the main rule.

A shotgun, a gun, a gun, a gun, a gun, a gun, a gun escape a few chases. But if you’re a little bit different, you can’t be safe. Need car.

What is the difference car during zombie apocalypse from every day in the city? Well, first, once a machine should not be arrogant. Secondly, the ever-hungry ghouls are constantly hanging around — they will really interfere. It’s necessary to get it out of the way. four-wheeled friend. Maybe you would like some version of this collection? No, we don’t want to say that zombie virus already free, but still? ..

&# 171; Through death!&# 187; Cars for the zombie apocalypse

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