Throwing a knife at the target

It is not a problem. But to achieve this result, we need:

  • Properly made, balanced throwing knife
  • His owner trained hard at throwing a knife

We will start with the first …

Throwing knife

In the throwing knife the most important – balance blades and hilt. The knife doesn’t have guards, as this upsets the balance. It can be even heavier than the handle.

There is a ring or hole. Thus, you can pull it up on yourself … Throwing knife can be used to climb the obstacle.

The throwing knife is usually used in pair with another knife. There is a homogeneous pair. There is also a pair of knives are used.

He has been hit it. This is achieved by acceleration in flight. This has been proven to be an experiment. We now turn to the second part …

Knife throwing skill

Skill plays throwing. It is even more than a skill: it is a kind of art. For scout saboteur knife throwing is listed among the required skills you need master perfectly.

It will make it possible to make it. If you know what you want, it can be a distance of no more than 4 meters. With a greater distance, you can lose a weapon in vain.

Throwing a knife and you can defend yourself. For such a distance, respectively, it is closer to the handle. The main effective throwing distance is about 6 meters.

The sequence of learning throwing knife:

  • Learn ways to hold a knife;
  • This is a quick and easy way to learn how to do it.
  • Throwing a knife from one place to another (increasing the distance);
  • Throwing a knife in motion.

Knife throwing on top

The thumb rests along the blade on top. The rack is left-handed if the knife is thrown with the right hand. Not bend the wrist. It is a time when the body is bent. Release the knife from your hand.

Primary requirements: Mandatory fixation of the wrist joint. The axis of the forearm should be taken. This is a necessary pattern to avoid. Elbow and shoulder joints. It is down to the bottom. When released, the knife should not be over the thumb.

It is a corked on one side. In the case of the open air, it was the time when it was carried out.

Knife throwing from below

For this, a left-sided combat stance is adopted. The bent left hand is located in front of the chest. The grip of the knife. For a long shot (7-10 m), they take it to the side. When throwing 5-7 m, the grip is carried out by the blade.

The knife is pointing down; cutting back to the palm of the handles (in the direction of the throw). It is important that it is the back of a little parapet.

In conclusion – a training video:

Success and accurate hits!

Throwing a knife at the target

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