Throwing knives, development and application, design features of modern throwing knives.

Throwing knives have never been such a widespread type of throwing weapons as a bow, dart or sling. The effect of throwing knives was severely limited for a number of reasons. Throwing knives did not have such kinetic energy as a dart or arrow, their lethal force was much less. 

Throwing knives, development and application, design features of modern throwing knives.

The effective distance for throwing knives was 3-5 meters. The accuracy and power of the throw were significantly reduced at a greater distance. Effective defeat of the enemy with a throwing knife was made difficult by armor or dense, warm clothing. That is why the throwing knife was used primarily in regions with a hot climate..

In addition to the task of hitting the target, it was necessary that the knife stuck into it. In the process of throwing, throwing knives turned over in flight, and the number of flips depended on the length of the throwing distance. Incorrect calculation of the distance led to the knife getting into the target not with a blade, but with a handle or flat. The throw distance could also vary, which made hitting the target quite problematic. Therefore, effective knife throwing required a long preparation.

Throwing knives, development and application, design features of modern throwing knives.

All of the above factors explain the weak distribution of throwing knives of a classic design, especially in Europe. The role of throwing weapons with much greater success was performed by darts, slings, bows and crossbows..

Given all of the above, we can conclude that the vast majority of scenes of art cinema, which shows throwing a knife from a long distance, with an immediate lethal outcome for the enemy, is an artistic fiction. Nevertheless, knife throwing has survived to our days as an exciting sport. Athletes compete in throwing at targets from strictly defined distances, usually not exceeding 6-8 meters.

Modern throwing knives of a special design.

Nowadays, throwing knives of a special design are usually used for throwing. An unusual knife can be used as a throwing knife, but not all samples are equally well suited for this. A typical design of a modern throwing knife is a simple blade without any signs of a guard, without overlays on the handle. This structure of the knife facilitates throwing and makes the knife cheaper.

Throwing knives with pads on the handle are usually used for circus performances. There is also a variety of knives with a handle braided with a cord. Throwing knives with a similar handle are not well suited for close combat, the winding of the handle does not allow effective control of the knife. However, this design is not bad for throwing..

Of great importance for throwing is balancing the knife. There are samples of modern throwing knives with adjustable weights on the blade, sometimes such a weight is also located on the handle, which allows you to change the balance of the knife at the request of the owner.

Based on the book Small Encyclopedia of Cold Steel.
Pavel Yugrinov.

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