Throwing knives. What to throw and how to throw?

Everybody who’s been throwing asks for peace of mind.

Of course, you can throw nails, scissors, screwdrivers, even ordinary working knives, but is it necessary? Knife throwing – If you want to get a little bit of pleasure, you’ll need to get it.

Let’s start with a few myths that have developed in society about throwing knives

Myth 1. Including a throwing knife for a distance of 20 m inclusive. Just lie down and hide

The myth is clearly generated by cinema and various front-line stories. In fact, if you are a knife, you’ll be thrown away. The working distance for the thrower is 3-9 meters. Even further away from the target can be, but not easy.

Myth 2. no distance

Very important. Knife, it weighs less than 100-150 grams.

Any plastic handles It can only be a matter of time. In the same way any winding is cut off. Exclusively prevent all kinds of throwing balancers. Do you need a knife, frankly. But about the balance a little further. Any throwing technique, If you’re on three and 3.5 meters, knives will come to the target quite differently.

Myth 3. knives, which stick in as you like.

They emerge in every second conversation about throwing anything. And it’s a bit like being a friend / matchmaker / brother / former commander (underline it appropriately). A particularly respected mercury knife literally lies in the garage. But after a mysteriously interrupts, he is a mysteriously interrupts. It is a bastard. For 10 years of searching, I have never met a single working knife =)

Myth 4. Only balanced knives with balance.

Huge delusion.

Exist knives It is shifted along the track. Knife with a balance in the handle It is a grip on the blade. knife with a balance blade – when throwing the handle and balanced knife in any method of throwing. That makes all the difference.

Choose a throwing knife

Unfortunately, today the market is flooded with a large number knives, which are called “throwing“But there is no need to go on a stupid crafts.

The most important characteristic throwing knife – its size and weight.

From the initial distance in 3 meters knives fly comfortably no easier 150 g, while already on 5 meters the knife should weigh no less 180-200 g, with 7-9 meters better to throw knives weighing in 200-350g . Optimal length throwing knife starts from 200 mm. It is better to start training with

I remember myself as a teenager when I was miraculously found some nameless “throwingknives in the stall, tried to throw – and grieved, knives flew bad and unstable. I used when I forged my first throwing knives (then good serial was not found).

The second most important parameter I would call knife comfort.

It is very important that the surface was rough, well felt by hand. All corners should be rounded, cutting edge without sharpening. It is important that knife comfortably knife throw.

Important strength and durability the knife.

From a distance of 3 meters knife for struck by a hand. therefore Throwing knife must be especially durable. Monolithic design, without all sorts of windings and linings. The thickness of the butt is not less than 5-6 mm.

It is important to pay attention. The optimal steels are: stainless 420, 40Х13, 65Х13 and also carbonaceous 30HGSA and 65G. Hardness throwing knife recommended in the region of 40-45 Rockwell units. It can be broken.

Now about the technique of throwing

It is not difficult to master it yourself.

For this we need:

  • kit from 3-6 identical throwing knives (length not less than 200 mm weight from 150 g),
  • target – a little dry tree full stand. Learning is much easier with him (see video about the booth below)
  • distance measuring tape
  • basic techniques and training.

There are three main techniques:

  1. Sports (ax technique) – grip on the tip
  2. Free (negotiable) – grip for blade or handle
  3. Non-current – grip for the blade

So we begin our training with distance markings. We retreat 3 meters from the target (a tape measure is useful here). This is the base distance with which we begin. It will be your choice.

Sports equipment the simplest

Become a rack. For right-handers – right behind. Take knife depth of about 4 cm. It is just above the aiming point. We release easily, without squeezing the handle too much. The knife sticks to the target.

If you’ll take it. This is not a good one, then we take it. Similarly, with a twist, you can get a little closer to the target, without changing the grip, and if you do not have enough, go away.

Having determined the distance and grip, we’re memorize them.

Principle free technology same, different distance and grip

It is true that there is no loss of time. The palm of the palm. The brush is not turned. The angle of 45 degrees up. For the handle also take the full length of the palm.

When the throwing distance is 3–3.5 m, when the throwing the handle is 4.5–5 m

Non-current technology a little harder

It is easier to start with short distances of 1.5-2 m.

The basics are shown in the video.

Useful tips and care for knives

Qualitative throwing knives serve for a very long time – in tens of years. However, they require care.

An indispensable sequence of throwing upon entry. knife-to-knife. You’ll have to throw it out and splinter it.

If a knife It is important to keep it dry. In this sense knives stainless steel have the advantage.

Useful tips:

  • When throwing outdoors it is better to flag knife handle bright tape to make it easier to search.
  • Even if you are great throwing, it is warm up.
  • Focus not on force, but on shot clarity.
  • Consider that with cold ligaments throw If you’re on a course of 4 minutes, you’re getting less than 4 meters.
  • Give the brain and body a deal. If not, take a break. Learning is not happening at the moment throwing, and after it.
  • Do not save on targets, learn and subsequently toss it is easier.
  • Look for like-minded people!

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Throwing knives. What to throw and how to throw?

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