Thule Capstone Hiking Backpack

Thule capstone – a kind of portable black hole. Compact liters backpack It’s a bit surprising. Of course, there is no need to collect things in the above volume. For example, if you live in Moscow.

Some details. The backpack is made of already familiar material. Cordura, which is highly resistant to pollution and abrasion. Suspension system used in the backpack Transhub integrated aluminum support with steel spring frame. This suspension is carried by the body. The backing of the back door doesn’t sweat. Can be adjusted using the system MicroAdjust. It is a pocket with a rain cover. In the case of some of the trivia.

Features Thule Capstone backpack

Available colors Black orange
Volume 50 liters
Height 71 cm
Width 30 cm
Thickness 26 cm
Weight 1.5 kg
Price 199.95 dollars to

The backpack is very compact due to the bright and attractive design. However, backpacks are also available. Thule with a volume of 32 and 40 liters.

Conclusion – the most convenient thing. Need to take!

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