Tips for beginners: Elbrus for dummies

A little background

Elbrus – the highest mountain vertex Russia and Europe, included in the list of the highest peaks of the planet “Seven peaks“. First ascent to one of the peaks Elbrus It was committed on July 22, 1829 as part of a scientific expedition. Ascended one person.

August 7, 2015 at 8:10 my dream came true – I climbed Elbrus, on 5642m. Many obstacles in front of me. The process of the process. I helped me to overcome everything.

This article was compiled.

What is important for preparation and climbing?

Physical form

Recommended person (run about 10 km a week, walk with a weight – from 50 km / week). Otherwise acclimatization will be harder. To not climb the top will be higher.

Guide or instructor

Meet him in advance. Find out how many times he ascended this mountain, thanks to him climbed the top, how he plans to prepare for climbing (acclimatization), it is not a problem. Now a little more detail:

  • amount climbing – this is an experience;
  • The number of lifted / not lifted – the instructor’s work;
  • Information about acclimatization – prepare for;
  • Food conditions and accommodation gear;
  • Arrangements – it will be your time;
  • Price range – it will be possible to calculate the minimum / maximum costs.


If you’re not ready to go on business, then you’re going to). Do not just ask, and immediately take it. It was promised, but “failed” to give. Right away!

If you’re on the back of your bag, it’s not a problem. Rent on site abound.

Most necessary things, not seemingly so

  • sunscreen at all times;
  • Sneakers on thick soles (cross-country, trekking, trail) – for your life below;
  • Sunglasses – from the moment you arrive at;
  • thermos – hot tea or cold lemonade;
  • “Podzhopnik” – your place will be everywhere;
  • you will stay dry;
  • it will be the most expensive
  • you can’t get a headache;
  • If you are not around;
  • sneakers – after Elbrus It is the most affordable product.

Health it will save

  • For the whole time in Elbrus region “Vitamin C” in effervescent tablets is your best friend. Drink it maximum once a day.
  • Forget about painkillers – how you need your body behaves. The head will hurt. Be patient.
  • (Winding) – save your face, many times.
  • You just need a plaster. Perhaps iodine, cotton and bandages. Calluses have not been canceled.
  • If you have sore knees, grab a joint retainer or knee pad.
  • If you’re pulling it out, you can use it.

Another tip

When will you ascend – do not be afraid the mountains, and myself. With me, the girl flew off into the collection box. The weather was perfect, that for Elbrus region great rarity. It is bad weather. Elbrus.

Listen to your instructor, take your time and be attentive. This is where you see this anywhere else. And you will have time for contemplation …

Tips for beginners: Elbrus for dummies

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