Tips for survival in the wild by Sergei Badiuk

1. In the forest:

Edible are all snakes, except for the sea, as well as lizards and frogs. Before cooking, they remove skin from amphibians. In frogs, the hind legs are the most nutritious.

2. On the river:

If you need to swim across the river in clothes, make sure that you do not hinder the movement. Loosen the belt, twist the trouser pockets. Take off your shoes and shovel under the belt. Swim better breaststroke.

3. In the desert:

Do not take off your clothes. Tissue slows down the evaporation of sweat, and therefore dehydration. It is better to move around and not to know what it is.

4. In frost:

If you’re sitting down on the track, you can’t get a little bit more than that. Take off your shoes, take off your shoes, and take off your shoes. Unbend your arms and bend it. Every 10-15 minutes, get up, squats, rub your body and face with your hands.

5. In an avalanche

If you are not so good, you can’t keep yourself in the sun. It is a clear sign that there is no need for a body to breathe. In no case do not sleep.

Tips for survival in the wild by Sergei Badiuk

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