Tips for Survival Special Forces Officer

GRU on the ground

The following advice comes from a GRU, hiding under the name Raccoon. The situation is a civil war …

… Anyway, the scenarios can be different. It will always be the same. No need to go anywhere, especially in the “fight”. For this, there will always be “scumbags.” Your task is to “save labor resources”, that is, yourself.

The main thing is, remember, there will be about three degrees of “ass.” Battles, full scale war, unpromising occupation, followed by dismemberment of the country. It is a very important point that people will forget during stress: No amateur, only common sense.

Shooting outside the world. Do you need to go urgently? (If you’re a mortar you).

Yes, firing and corpses The untimely maneuver “to go to hell” can cost you your life. Do not fuss, do not panic, and look at the most importantly why.

  • Your actions while you’re in town
  • Safely leaving the city
  • Evacuation and further route
  • You have decided to take part in the fighting.
  • List of equipment for participation in hostilities

If Tomorrow’s War: The GRU Survival Officer Tips

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