To avoid attacks on the street, areas of the city that are unfavorable in the criminal aspect.

Let’s start with the time. Since the walks. For some reason, most of all, we are afraid to appear on the streets after one in the morning. It seems to us that it was then that the alleys and gateways were teeming with a criminal element. Meanwhile, statistics convincingly prove that street attacks, their largest number, occur from 20 to zero hours. 

How to avoid attacks on the street, criminally disadvantaged areas of the city.

That is, at a time when even late children in the yards are playing. Perhaps it is better to let children out as an experiment on walks after three in the morning, when hooligans and rapists are already sleeping? If we are not talking about hours, but about days, then the greatest fears are raised by the days of advances and paybacks at enterprises, when the offender activates, hunting for easy money, and citizens in a not sober state noticeably arrive on the streets.

. Of the seasons, of course, winter is the safest; There are few gangsters who are able to sit in a January blizzard for several hours under bushes in a city garden waiting for an accidental victim. In winter, criminal incidents shift closer to heat. Into porches, cellars, boiler rooms, etc., premises loved by criminals. Now about the scene. Let’s go from bigger to smaller. Any city has its own potentially dangerous areas. Either it is in the worst sense of the word workers’ villages, or neighborhoods adjacent to correctional labor institutions, or areas where youth groups divide territories. Everything is completely individual, and you just need to know the local conditions..

The generally recognized criminally disadvantaged areas include neighborhoods adjacent to train stations and airports, street markets, parks and towns of youth hostels. Almost always, due to the remoteness from the headquarters of law enforcement agencies, the outskirts of cities pose a greater threat than the center. Insecure courtyards located in close proximity to places of periodic mass crowds of stadiums, cinemas, sports palaces, discotheques, bazaars, shopping centers, etc. It is clear that the more people, the more prerequisites for the occurrence of crimes.

And, on the contrary, the fewer people, the calmer life. In the tundra or desert, where the population density is less than one person per hundred square kilometers, you still have to manage to find a criminal who wants to encroach on your honor or wallet, you still have to sweat, overcoming hundreds of kilometers of uninhabited spaces. But only we are not going to rest on the tundra, but on discotheques and stadiums teeming with criminal elements. And then we are surprised: why did it suddenly end up in a mess? Do not want to become a victim of a street attack, avoid places of increased criminogenic danger. That’s all.

Moreover, even in relatively peaceful areas, we manage to find dangerous places. Instead of a deserted night walking along a well-lit street, we cut off the path and wander through the darkened passage yards, through new buildings, neglected squares and vacant lots. Moving along the sidewalk, we press to dark bushes, walls of houses, fences. We, you see, suddenly decided to abide by the road rules that are ignored during the day and prohibit access to the roadway. But we violate the rules of personal safety, risking that at any moment we can, grabbing our clothes, pull us by a close fence or into a dark porch.

Let’s take a break from the sidewalk. Your place under the streetlights and headlights of passing cars is lighter there, there is room for maneuver and the hope that someone will notice you and, if not hit, protect. Remembering the rules of movement, it’s better to go on the left side, facing the approaching cars. On narrow roads you can stomp along the very middle. This is unsafe, but between two troubles you have to choose the lesser. Drivers who will slow down and offer a ride near you are better to ignore. Except for women, policemen and ninety-year-old pensioners.

It is especially important and at the same time difficult to choose a safe path in an unfamiliar city. It is better here, without looking for yourself on a mountain of adventure, to ask the local population which areas are best to avoid and which are relatively calm even in the evening. A few words about the appearance, which can also provoke attacks. The importance of this point is probably understandable even to thoughtless preschool children who have more than once seen in their own skin that most often well-dressed girls and boys suffer from adult boys shaking little things from their pockets. And how can they not suffer if their appearance advertises their well-being and promises boobies overgrown from a neighboring yard a good fat.

Growing boobies turn into adult bandits and robbers, suffering from the same old teenage habits to choose the rich and weak as a victim. There is no better way to lose expensive things, like putting them on yourself and strolling slowly along the outskirts of the night city. Sooner or later they will notice you. And, on the contrary, the unpretentious appearance of your wardrobe can save its owner from many troubles. Something I did not hear about the robberies of homeless people traveling through the streets in shabby, smelly quilted jackets and cotton pants.

And here about the ladies stripped to linen and the gentlemen accompanying them as much as necessary. Another gentleman dresses like a mannequin in a shop window, only the shop window is guarded by an alarm, and the gentleman does nothing. Hence the temptation. Therefore, going to night voyage, look in the mirror, evaluate yourself from the point of view of the robber who met you. What can attract his disinterested attention? Shiny gold earrings? Take them off. Rings? Put it in your wallet. Clock? Manage somehow. Luxurious sable hat? Change it to a knitted ski hat. Fur coat? Or maybe for today you have enough of the standard Chinese down jacket, which is found in your friends where you stayed? And take the fur coat later. Health is still more important than appearance.

In my life I quite often had to wander around the city at night. More than once or twice I met in the gateways with suspicious individuals. At first, I read the animation on their faces and waited for it, then disappointment and sorrow. What can I take from this, except for the worn-out sneakers? And I walked calmly on, blessing my taste perfect for a night city. That’s right: why rob me when the fat from me is cheap, and the potential prison term is exactly the same as if Morgan Sr. had been stripped. Articles give for the fact of robbery, and not for its “catch”.

The deliberate playful clothes that our women like to wear can be safely attributed to the provocation factors of the attack. Trying to attract the attention of the stronger sex, they lift the hem of the skirts to extremely dangerous heights, fit the bulges that are the place to be convex with ultralight fabrics, make defiantly deep cuts on blouses, etc. And they get what they want, but not always those who I would like to attract. A considerable number of rapists during the investigation are outraged by the behavior of their victims no less than the victims.

I am not against spectacular, exciting men’s “appetite” clothes, but at the right time, in the right place. In other cases, it is better to prefer a more modest, and in night travel in areas of threat of attack, the most closed and shapeless clothes. You will be more whole. The same can be said for men who choose the style of “a la ninja” or “special forces” as a form of casual wear. Such clothes oblige. A rare bully will deny himself the pleasure of fighting the “specialist” who “works” under Schwarzenegger. Such cinematic clothing is a challenge in itself, so putting on it must be ready to defend the style, including with the help of fists. Or, if self-confidence is not enough, prefer a more modest wardrobe.

But there is no need to overdo it. An overly vagabond look is also unsafe. The tramp does not attract the interest of robbers, but the attention of the same tramps protecting the right to their territory attracts the attention of themselves. The last wardrobe tip is about form. No, not the army and not the police. Uniforms of youth and criminal groups. There are frequent cases when young people, straying into district, township and other groups, acquire their own distinctive form or simply highlight some piece of clothing that can be used to judge whether the owner belongs to one or another party. It can be a variety of stripes, badges, dressings, hats, etc..

Not knowing what and what should be worn in a particular district of the city, you can, without unwillingness, run into trouble, being mistaken for a “stranger” who violated the borders. Therefore, if you are young enough and fit the definition of a teenager, do not be lazy, going to a disco or visiting a foreign area, to inquire about the local language of clothing. And if an adult, do not force your child to wear this particular jacket or cap when he refuses to accept the update for no apparent reason.

Perhaps it is this jacket or cap that defines him as a “stranger” with all the ensuing consequences. Trust your child, he is better versed in the rules of local etiquette, if one, of course, exists. “Own” and “alien” form is not rubbish, very serious teenage showdowns may loom behind them.

Behavior and prevention of street attacks.

That’s how you can find your adventure even in the safest area, at the safest time of the day, among the most peaceful citizens. Behavior is that wick that is able to stir up the most rusty bomb. Attacks are provoked either by excessive uncertainty, timidity, external fussiness of the victim, convincing the robber in the easy achievement of his criminal goals. Or in an emphasized lordly communication with others, including a demonstration of one’s wealth, scattering money to the right and left, stories of one’s wealth and no one else. Such a person becomes interesting as a “cash cow”.

In the first case, if you find yourself in a strange, unfamiliar city, you must strive to merge with the crowd, portray a person who knows the city, and if you ask how to get there, then only from police officers, truck drivers (and not from private drivers who may be gunners) or employees of nearby offices who are on duty. In any case, you should not resemble a confused stranger, who is a tidbit for criminals, even robbers, even crooks. The more nervous you feel during night trips, the more calm and confidence demonstrate.

Do not arouse in a criminal the instinct of a predator to catch up and finish off a helpless and, therefore, safe victim. Fear always attracts attention. Conscious of yourself as a victim, as a result, you portray the victim and ultimately become it. Break the initially vicious mood, and then, perhaps, avoid the final sad outcome. For situations of provocation with wealth, I will repeat what I said earlier: do not demonstrate your prosperity, do not shake bundles of banknotes near the trading counters, exchange offices and savings banks without need.

Do not ask the first passerby who got where the bank is, where you could put a large amount of money; do not consult random acquaintances about buying expensive things. Do not throw thousandths of money into beggars’ caps to avoid sitting with the same hat next to them. And for God’s sake, keep your mouth shut if you don’t want him to become your enemy. A possible attack may be caused by a call behavior. Pretending to be the hero of the latest popular action movie, defiant “muscle-wagging”, arrogant, dismissive, scornful looks, generously distributed around, unflattering comments about the appearance and behavior of others, etc. The sowing wind is naturally reaping the storm.

Control your behavior by playing Superman in front of your girlfriend. At least look around: it is not necessary that your girlfriend will delight others. Maybe it will offend them. And whether you are able to defend your high rank in practice, and not just in words, is still unknown. Do not replay, do not try fate again. Seeing danger, in time extinguish cinematic haughty glances and smiles. And best of all, play Superman just as much as you can confirm the proposed image..

Remember: people really do not like those who demonstrate their superiority to them, but for teenagers it is the same as for a Spanish bull a red bullfighter’s cloak, rinsing in front of the nostrils. I can assure you, your friend will outlive your reasonable “cowardice” more easily than life-long paralysis as a result of a fierce fight. Creating and maintaining a Superman legend about his person can have even more devastating consequences for the body. Self-assertive teenagers and failed athletes often sin with this.

Probably, for a certain amount of time, you can reap the fruits of your imaginary greatness, telling stories about your former fighting biography, but one day there will be a hero, and most often a dozen heroes (to be sure) who will try to challenge the invincibility of the self-proclaimed superman. To some extent, the study of the techniques of martial arts can be recognized as a factor of provocation. I really want to test my acquired skills in practice. The moral and philosophical side of ancient teachings, professing restraint, is assimilated much later than the combat one, hands full of corns are very itchy.

Potential victims of a street attack should be recognized as people who like to attach to the bottle. A drunkard is the dream of every criminal. A thief does not have to be a talented pickpocket to be able to rob a drunkard. The robber, even without being an oblique fathom in the shoulders, can easily cope with a tipsy person. It’s a pleasure for a hooligan to fight with an enemy who consumed half a liter of vodka: you can expose yourself as a hero, and you won’t get a single counter strike. A drunk woman is a suitable couple for a rapist who desires love: she will most likely not be able to offer real resistance or identify her “lover”. So it turns out, whatever one may say, a drunkard for a criminal is a perfect victim in every way.

Among other things, a drunkard, having a cloudy psyche, is often a provocateur and the main culprit of the attack, in which he himself suffers. He becomes attached to passers-by, lifts up obviously more powerful opponents and looks for reasons to get his face full. Responsive people are usually found. From here, if you want to avoid trouble do not abuse, and if you abuse alcohol, stay at home.

Behavioral Attacks and Violence against Women.

Separate conversation about the behavior provoking attacks and violence. First I will give police statistics. About 70% of women and girls victims were familiar with criminals. Of these, 22% met with a rapist on the day the crime was committed. 25 cases out of a hundred occurred in nature, that is, in parks, squares, gardens. 35 in the apartments and rooms of the youth hostel. And finally, girls aged 14-17 were victims of assault and violence twice as often as their older 18-23 year old girlfriends. In my opinion, there is nothing to add.

Any district investigator will tell you that most cases of violence cannot even be called cases, since they did not occur due to a combination of circumstances, not by the will of fate, but by the stupidity of the victims themselves. This is confirmed, among other things, by the fact that, having matured a little and, therefore, a little smarter, women are twice less likely to fall into the clutches of sex offenders. Any behavior that attracts male attention can be recognized as a provocation of assault and violence. You went into the smoking room and, “pitching” a cigarette after a cigarette, listen and tell vulgar jokes. That is, you are your own in the board. Sitting on a bench, you lift up your legs high, and I really want to check whether everything else that is hidden until time is pretty.

You flirt abruptly with a little-known guy, bringing his ardor to the state of an overheated steam boiler, and then you are surprised: why did he suddenly show such illegal activity? And less had to give free rein to his hands. How could he know that, while resolving a lot, you don’t want to give him everything? Is he a telepath? You meet with a guy for a long time, and then suddenly, without explaining anything, drop him. And he considers you his and is trying to confirm his rights by deed. You boldly go down to the basement, populated by a minor punks, knowing for certain that several of your friends already had some trouble here. But you think that this cup is past you.

And why? How do you differ from them? Or are you such a freak that you cannot arouse desires? Not? Well then, stop still at the top step of the basement staircase. Sitting in a company that you met only yesterday, you build eyes and drink one, then a second and third glass, remembering the bad habit of turning off after the fourth. So, maybe this fourth one should not be poured? And maybe you do not need to stay overnight either? On a home sofa is generally safer. Still need to. Your right. But just don’t need to cry afterwards that you were treated uncivilized.

You knew what you were risking, you knew what you were doing. And if they didn’t stop, then they didn’t want to stop. I am sure that if the weaker sex thought out the consequences of their actions, how to dress, where to go, with whom to get to know and so on, 90% of rapists would be left without potential victims. And just in order not to be passed through the rape grinder, you need to think a little.

Other factors provoking attacks on the street.

Recent factors provoking attacks can be attributed to more rare. You were seen in a strange company, where you fraternized with the leader, and for this reason, having met one, they mercilessly beat. You simply do not have time to report that this is your second cousin. But actually you had to know who your brother is, with whom he makes friends, and with whom he is fighting. You were not accepted for that. I am aware of one sad case when the mother who opened the door was asked to call Yura and, seeing him in the dark doorway, they first stabbed her under the heart, and then shouted: “I’m sorry. We were mistaken! ”It turns out they messed up the floors, and the name just coincided.

Only observance of the general safety rules can help here: do not go where it is not necessary, do not open the door to anyone, etc. You borrowed money or asked for an expensive thing for a while and lost it. It is better to immediately admit insolvency. Then it remains possible to resolve the conflict by signing debt (albeit for a large amount) receipts, civilized mining, gradual sale of property, reloading money, etc., before the fists and brass knuckles are used..

The worst way out is to search for patrons, defenders, etc. of “roofs,” which ultimately will only increase debt by including in their services. Having started such a game, you run the risk of being between two warring factions, like between a rock and a hard place. I’m afraid this alignment of forces pretty much deforms your appearance and psyche. It’s better to get out of sensitive situations like non-payment of debt, following the principle: a bad world is better than a good quarrel.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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