To be a survivor: a stupid hobby or a real chance to survive?

This is the first necessity to set up a survivalist. Unusual hobby: preparing for possible disasters. For each of them, for a while, for everyone, equip a shelter away from people.

Escapism, esquepism, escapism (born escape – escape, escape) ––––––––––––––––

So what is “SURVIVAL“And what does”BE A SURVIVAL“?
Run away It’s a real challenge to make it possible for you to make a difference.
Or real chance learn more things to do. Not being away from everyday life?

Let’s try to figure it out …


It is difficult to say when it comes to the crises of civilization. Most likely, there is a certain proportion of those who are worried about the future and preparing for the worst have always been existed. Let us recall, at least, by chance, people. For all kinds of weapons and products. For example, it’s not a problem.

The term “survivorsAppeared relatively recently. In essence, this is a literal translation of English. “Survivalist” (surwivalist) – disasters and man-made disasters. In the United States, such a passion (if you can call this phenomenon) acquired the character of the informal movement. There are many ways for people to discuss their financial consequences.

In Russia, the union or life club as such does not exist. However, it is believed that it is 5% of the population. The spirit of the spirit has appeared. But it’s possible that it’s possible, in fact, alone. The fact is that the most profess the principle “every man for himself”, It’s not a problem. However, they do not want to know about them. Maximum with whom survivors ready to unite – close friends and relatives. However, it depends on the beliefs of a particular person.

Why did they appear

It is quite a normal fear of the person. ”squirrel instinct“In case of something unexpected happened.

The development of science suggests survivors more options for the end of civilization. It was a rainy day, it was a rainy day, it was a rainy day. followed by flooding of the third world war, followed by flooding of the most dangerous breakthrough reality “. People talk about the minerals (primarily hydrocarbon fuel) and the decline of modern civilization. Hollywood scenarios, the last three scenes, look the most likely. And therefore, to one degree or another, survivors can identify himself.

How to recognize a survivalist

If you’re a girl, after you’ve been listening to her In most cases, survivors – quite reasonable people. As a rule, there is a certain “disturbing backpack” for survivalism fascination. It is a fact that the Ministry of Health of the United States of America. Gradually, this set is reviewed, something is added, the list of necessary things increases. Any small incident convinces hoarders that they have chosen the right path. For example, turned off the light in the area. In a modern apartment, ordinary people can’t even warm a tea under such conditions. BUT survivalist pulls out a collapsible gas stove with a hot air balloon

I must say that this hobby makes life easier. For example, it can help you to find out how to buy food. If you eat it, you can eat it. It is packed in tin.

But food is not the main attribute. Survivors in the case of extreme conditions. As a rule, this is a paramilitary equipment, which usually doesn’t have to be, but it is operated during the trips outside the city. Actually, departures comes with special attention. Those who are more affluent, for a “city” car buy a powerful SUV or even a truck like army versions. GAZ-66 with heated kung. Survivors The middle of the class and the behaves are quite well on rough terrain. As a rule, these are different models. UAZ or “Niva“.

Games of the survivalists

Survivalism can be called a hobby. Since the term “survival“Quite vague, is it trained? Leave your mind, trying to avoid the city’s economic crisis. There are, however, a little. If you are a subsidiary, you can be categorized as survivors.

Those who are still in the city are preparing for different cataclysms. One of the popular types is called “bum tripIt doesn’t need to be a number of points. Despite the fact that he was not a traveler, he was not from survivalist In case of a crime lawsuit, they find out their identity. But there is no need to make a post.

Another training option is conventionally called “den of survivorsIf you’re so happy, you’re following a group of people. do not wander) survivors. After that, the participants of the training arrange the conditional shelter from the cold, sometimes even organizing a small food cache there. Different places are chosen for this game. Someone voluntarily makes it a bit different, a few others,

To treat such actions can be different. On the one hand, it seems like a seasonal exacerbation of paranoia. But in fact, survivalism as a hobby, does not bother others. From the fact that you want to buy products. So, I think, especially if it is combined with fresh air.

Why be a survivor: &# 171; stupid&# 187; a hobby or a real chance to survive?

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