Tool bag as an alarm kit

In the article, the author’s approach, which may remind advanced EDC, something akin to “I want to go home” (get-home bag), with functionality.

Under the fresh impression (November 2015 – approx. Transl.) ITStactical, I (author of the article, Matthew sharp – approx. transl.) personal tool bag, which, in general, I always keep to myself.

I recall that in the framework of our discussion tool bag It is called.

It can be less than the outside of the home, since However, if you’re still safe, then you’ll be safe. tool bag you can catch your breath and think calmly.

Away from your house tool bag It’s Your Ad Here The Bottom Line If you travel with bulky luggage.

Equation with many unknowns

Of course, it is impossible to prepare for every surprise. It can be carried out. Wherever you seek refuge elsewhere.

It is unique in its own way; Ramstein is less likely to be in Sudak, and vice versa.

The task determines the equipment

All situations are different. However, you’ll help you choose. tool bag. It is a small part of the case. In addition to the fan blade.

Equipment, you can’t give a certain advantage. The advantage will increase.

List of threats

One of the most important prerequisites for the acquisition tool bag – understanding of possible threats and vulnerabilities in the situation. For example, it can be a major cause for concern. To continue the list of attacks, terrorist attacks.

There are certain threatening factors. Think what it can be. Are hurricanes relevant to you? Can your local criminals arrange a massive confrontation with the police? Are actions of civil disobedience escalating into street riots possible? If so, who can be implicated? Whatever your thoughts, list them in order of importance. In these situations. Only then you can cope with emerging tasks.

Path planning and exploration

My primary task tool bag – to ensure I return home to emergency. I am most prepared. There is everything I need. Flocking doesn’t threaten me. However, it wasn’t canceled.

If the house collapses, you can get it in the middle of a grotto. If a fire happens, I can grab my wife, dog, tool bag and seek refuge elsewhere. Therefore, I need to provide the basic needs of the family.

This means that you can get a drink. If you live somewhere, you will need Since here it is rarely drops drops since the temperature.

It is desirable to have an alternative location. If you want to take a route in advance. Personally, I prefer paper cards.

It is also very useful to follow the test path for testing. Explore, look around, look for what can go wrong. Do you pass bridges that may be destroyed? Prevent your path?

It may be different to develop a backup route, a completely different option, and maybe even a third option route. Perform the same pedestrian reconnaissance as the main path. Consider making adjustments.

If you’re away from home, you know where you are. And I do not mean “check your location on the navigator or online maps.” I mean keep your eyes open.

It’s your guide to travel. Are you now north of your home? To the south? Any ideas? You can make your way home? I love you can see my house. However, I found that you were alive. Walk as often as possible. Be able to tell you where you are, in appearance, that has been opened before you.

In the city of In the open area – you need to remember landforms. Where you live. What is the driver’s seat? Get outside where you live.

Nowadays, wherever I am in San Francisco, I always know where I am. It is losing it, relying too much on automatic navigation. It doesn’t always depend on it. There are no conditions for survival. Cellular towers stop working, data centers burn out, networks turn off.

Grams to pounds, pounds to pain

Of course, I tend to overload my luggage. I love you. This is a harmful tendency tool bag. You need to drag yourself for an unknown period.

If your bag weighs 10 kg, you will not have problems with carrying it. If it weighs 40 kg, then it will become too heavy. I don’t mean that 10 kg is what I need, I mean that every fifty grams are pulling the next hundred. Limit yourself to what you really need.

I’m keeping my way to the HSGI Taco magazine pouch I used to keep track of my bag. It is a noticeable difference when carrying it all.

Although it is sweaty, jogging is another matter. This is another consideration to be considered when evaluating weight. tool bag: when you fold it, run with your bag. If it becomes uncomfortable, go to home. There may be less spare batteries or less pouches for small items. Maybe this or that item is not needed at all.

It will bring to you. You need to be able to run with your bag, and not to your detriment. A lot of things to do under certain conditions. It is better to check it out.

Bag selection

There are many more sophisticated people who wrote about it. But I like it. tool bag. After going through many options, I stopped at a 10-liter knapsack Goruck bullet.

Think which bag will you stand out from the crowd. You need to put in your surroundings. If you are surrounded by the military, camouflage will allow you to stand out. Think with your head. If you had to resort to tool bag, Apparently, it’s not a problem.

Modularity, availability and ordering

Choosing equipment for your tool bag, mentally divide it into several parts. In this case, it’s 1) you’re not getting wet and 2) More detailed divisions are clothing, electronics, medicine, food and water, tools, alarm systems. I put in the air through the valve. As a result, they take up less space in the bag.

I’ve got a chance to get in touch with them. I love you to take.

I can quickly get them. It can be seen through the mesh pocket.

I hold the tool: a knife (it has been my pocket), a rescue glass cutter, a multitool and a spoon. There are no problems with them.

Your styling may be different from mine. You must need things. Modularity considerations; the situation of equipment in groups facilitates the situation. It is true that you can get there. tool bag will have to get rid of.

Avoid the bottom, bottom and sides of the bag. Or close spaces in which your tool bag will cling. In addition, you need to pay attention to you.


Another important point is your tool bag. It is smaller. I usually carry a bag on a larger backpack.

My tool bag Easily fits in a backpack with a laptop, leaving free space; as a result, if things go wrong, I can pull tool bag and a large backpack, for example, when the situation allows.

Ongoing learning process

Gathering your tool bag, take it everywhere with you. From time to time, you can improve it.

It would be a problem to take care of it.

There is no need for any new tools. There are no lists carved into stone – rethink and adjust. If you change the environment, you will need other tools. Adapt to change.

Ready kits

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