Tools, utensils and useful devices used in preparing dishes on the grill, barbecue or in a cauldron.

When cooking dishes, barbecue, grill or in a cauldron, you will need various tools, utensils and auxiliary tools. Such as a knife, cutting board, skewers, skewers, spatula, long tongs, pickling bowl, grease brush, wire rack, pot holders, mittens, foil and so on. 

Tools, utensils and useful devices used in the preparation of dishes on the grill, barbecue or in a cauldron.

The knife should be comfortable and sharp. It is not easy to get injured with a sharp knife because its blade can slide off the product being cut. A good classic knife of medium size can do any task, but various types of knives were invented for good reason. In the preparation of products and their subsequent serving, different types of knives may be needed: for vegetables, for meat, for slicing, sirloin knife and others.

A special knife can be useful for cutting meat from bones. It is convenient to have a kitchen hatchet for large pieces of meat and kitchen scissors. For cutting fish, kitchen shears with short blades are used. And for cutting birds – with long ones, they have a recess at the base of the blade, which allows you to cut through the bone.

Cutting board used in the preparation of dishes on the grill, barbecue or in a cauldron.

Cutting board can be wooden, plastic or other materials. It is necessary to monitor its purity. A wooden cutting board should be made of hard wood; soft chips can break off and cut into food when chopped.

Tools, utensils and useful devices used in preparing dishes on the grill, barbecue or in a cauldron.

Grips, kitchen towels, special gloves.

At hand should be various tacks and kitchen towels, it is desirable to have special gloves. These things should be made of natural fabrics, synthetic fabrics are easily inflammable. Tips and mittens should be tight and large enough to protect hands, and towels should be clean and absorb moisture well..

Bowls, containers, salad bowls, plates and other containers used in the preparation of dishes on the grill, barbecue or in a cauldron.

Now there is a huge selection of various auxiliary containers, such as bowls, containers, salad bowls, plates, etc., which may be needed in the process of preparing a dish on the grill, barbecue, or pan and serving it. They can be made of food-grade plastic, glass, earthenware, stainless steel..

The marinating container should never be aluminum or enameled with coating defects, because the metal reacts with the acids contained in the marinade, and this can not only ruin the taste of the food, but also cause poisoning.

Shovel, tongs and brush for lubrication.

When working with the grill and on the grill, you need a spatula with a long handle, so as not to get burned and it is easy to turn over foods that are fried. For these purposes, special long forceps are still used. Do not turn the products over, pricking them on a fork, because juice will flow out of them.

An important tool when cooking on the grill and barbecue is a brush for lubrication. Often the product needs to be lubricated with oil, sauce or marinade during cooking or in advance. And although you can use a regular spoon for this, the brush distributes the sauce or marinade more evenly. Kitchen brushes come with natural bristles or silicone.

Silicone brushes are very popular, they are easy to wash, they have an attractive appearance. But such brushes have a significant drawback. They can be used only at temperatures up to 220–250 degrees. And on the surface of the product in extreme heat, the temperature can be much higher. Such brushes can be completely made of silicone or have a silicone part with bristles that connect to the handle.

It happens that the silicone part of the brush may fall off the handle during the spreading process. Kitchen brushes with natural bristles are found on sale much less often than silicone. However, professionals give preference to them. The handles of natural brushes are made of wood or metal. Before using brushes with natural bristles, check whether the bristles fall out of it..

Metal skewers and wooden skewers used in the preparation of dishes on the grill.

Metal skewers are from 30 cm to 1 meter in length. They are always rectangular in cross section so that the strung pieces do not rotate on the skewer. Wooden skewers (skewers) are usually thinner and shorter. Before use, it is recommended to soak them in water for 30 minutes..

Grill pan.

A grill pan is a pan with a perforated bottom and walls, which is used to cook vegetables, seafood and small pieces of meat over coals. Such pans are usually made of durable steel, the diameter of the holes may be different. Small holes will help to cook paella and similar dishes. And in a pan with large holes, grilled salads are prepared. Grill pans are becoming more popular, but many confuse them with grill pans (with a corrugated bottom).

The grill pan has a grooved surface imitating a grill grid. When frying, the product does not come into contact with the entire surface, but only with protruding parts. So rosy stripes appear on it, as if the product was fried on a grill above the coals. A separate type of such pans is a grill-gas pan. It has a base with a hole, a grill, on which dishes are laid out, and a lid. Preparation of the product occurs due to the movement of hot air.


Grill gratings are made of cast iron and stainless steel. Cast iron is usually made by gratings that are constantly above the coals and on which the products for cooking are laid out. Split lattices with a clamp and a handle are made of steel. They come in various shapes and sizes for cooking different dishes. Conveniently flip products placed in split grills.

Food foil.

Food foil is indispensable for those who consider it unhealthy to eat food cooked on an open fire due to the ingestion of products of incomplete combustion of fuel. Any products can be wrapped in foil and placed on a wire rack or in coals. Foil can also wrap barbecue on the grill. You can cover the grill with a sheet of foil when cooking very juicy foods..

Various devices used in the preparation of dishes on the grill, barbecue or in a cauldron.

Various devices greatly facilitate and simplify the cooking process on the grill, barbecue or in a cauldron, but many of them can be dispensed with. For example, instead of using a grill and grill with a lid, many products are baked in a foil on charcoal. And skewers can easily be replaced with peeled sticks.

Do not leave knives and metal appliances near a heat source; thin metal loses its properties when heated. Skewers made of metal with a thickness of less than 2 mm can bend and sag under the weight of the meat. If the skewer is thin – no more than 5 pieces of meat should be placed on it.

So that the open edges of the wooden skewer do not burn, you need to wrap them with folded in 2-3 layers of foil. Grill rack with burnt pieces of food can be cleaned with a crumpled piece of foil used instead of a brush.

Based on materials from the book We cook on the grill, grill, in a cauldron. In nature and in the kitchen.
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