Top 10 Handguns: The Handgun Aficionado’s Guide

Top 10 Handguns: The Handgun Aficionado’s Guide

Weapons have been part of American life since the beginning of the United States. In our constitution, it states that all Americans can carry weapons, if they wish. Of course, there are rules with every privilege. The firearm must be legally registered and certain types of weapons are not for sale. In addition, you must obtain a permit to carry your weapon.

The rules are for security, and this article is not a debate on the right to own weapons. Instead, the goal is to find the best firearms there is, but more specifically, the best gun. Whether you prefer a loud and devastating revolver, or a low-profile, easy-to-handle pistol, you will find it here on our list of the 10 best pistols on the market.

Before designating the guns on the list, it would be convenient for the client to know what to look for in a firearm. What type of weapon is right for me? There are a multitude of features for each type of gun, but some stand out as the most important when making a new purchase. How big is the weapon? Will it fit comfortably in your hand?

Top 10 Handguns: The Handgun Aficionado’s Guide

Does a respected manufacturer make the weapon? What size do you need? How much does the gun cost? These are all critical questions that must be addressed before paying for a gun. You can find answers to all the questions above for each gun on the list. The only thing you need to know is in which establishment you must make your purchase.

To facilitate the decision, the pistols have been placed in two categories: semiautomatic and revolver. When looking for a gun, choosing one or the other will make your purchase easier, since you know what type of gun to buy.

The semiautomatic pistols are usually light and easier to carry for your person. On the other hand, revolvers are difficult to transport and take longer to load, but distribute much more power than semiautomatic pistols. Below you will find the list with the 10 most valued pistols in the market.

Semiautomatic pistols

The semiautomatic pistols are characterized by their ability to fire again and again without physically removing the hammer. Each time the trigger is pulled, a corresponding shot is fired and the gun is reloaded.

Semi-cars are also known for their hiding ability and durability, as well as their accuracy. The price may be high, but you can not put a price on tranquility, especially if it is a well-made firearm. A fairly new version of the weapon, semi-cars are now used by most law enforcement agencies, as well as by the military.

Glock 19

Glock 19 is one of the many types of 9mm pistols that Glock has to offer its customers. Manufactured for the first time in the 1980s, the Glock 19 was designed to be used by the police and the military.

Predated by the Glock 17 and 18, the Glock 19 has a smaller barrel and grip, making it easier to hide and move. The small size means that it will fit naturally in almost any hand, good news for those who are not blessed with long fingers.

Top 10 Handguns: The Handgun Aficionado’s Guide

Glock has been in business for a long time and quickly gained respect for the world of guns. You can not go wrong with a Glock. The Glock 19 pistol, a highly rated pistol, has a fair price, with an average of $ 600 to $ 700.

However, if you want to have a high quality weapon and keep it running for a long time, you should make sure to keep it clean and in good condition. For this, a small kit with maintenance tools is a must. Just be sure to choose one that is easy to carry, you will need it more than you think.

Beretta 92

Thought in the 70s, the Beretta 92 is one of the best guns to have. Its fund is in the US Army. UU., Since the gun was a standard problem for a while.

Unknown to most casual weapons enthusiasts, the Beretta has many variations in its manufacture, mainly related to caliber. For the purpose of these articles, direct attention will be paid to the 9 mm Beretta 92. The Beretta 92 is profitable for what you get, and it’s pretty light.

Top 10 Handguns: The Handgun Aficionado’s Guide

It is also made with special polymers that reduce the possibility of oxidation. An extremely popular model, the Beretta 92 ranges from $ 600 to $ 900 depending on the specifications you want.

Beretta 8000 (cougar)

The Beretta 8000, also known as Cougar, was created due to the Beretta 92. People wanted a weapon that was the best of both worlds, maintaining accuracy and firepower while reducing the size of weapons and the ability to transport it. No problem.

Another top-notch pistol, the Beretta is perfect for those who will hide their weapon or for someone who wants a smaller firearm. The Beretta is available in various calibers, such as 9mm, .40 and .357.

Top 10 Handguns: The Handgun Aficionado’s Guide

If you want more precision, choose the 9mm but if what you want is power, jump in the .357. Other claims to fame for the 8,000 are low recoil, durability and low price. The 8000 costs around $ 500 and can be found in most sporting goods stores.

Springfield 1911A1

The 1911 is a popular model that has been recreated by many weapons manufacturers. It goes back to the First World War, if you can believe it. More specifically, the Springfield version of 1911, 1911A1, is a first-class pistol. The 1911 was the weapon used by the military until the 1980s.

The Springfield 1911A1 is famous for its lack of recoil, pinpoint accuracy and ease of transport. In fact, the 1911A1 was made specifically for charging purposes. The weapon is currently being used by the army and the police, but not as much as when it was standard. The Springfield version of the 1911A1 prides itself on being a compact semi-automatic pistol.

Top 10 Handguns: The Handgun Aficionado’s Guide

The Springfield 1911A1 costs between $ 700 and $ 1300. Less profitable than the previous three, the Springfield is for a particular type of weapon personality.

Sig Sauer P226

A renowned German manufacturer of weapons, Sig Sauer has been trusted for years and years. The P226 is available in numerous sizes, but 9 mm is what we are looking for.

In no way is this Sig Sauer for those with a smaller hand; in fact, the P226 can only be adjusted to a certain percentage of the hands of the gun owners. Remember, the goal is to be comfortable with the size of the gun, and if it is too large, it will not help when you need it.

Top 10 Handguns: The Handgun Aficionado’s Guide

Unless you have a hand size above average, this gun is not for you. A feature of the P226 is its lack of manual safety and, therefore, it can be triggered accidentally if care is not taken. This gun is for the most experienced gun buff. The retail price is around $ 900- $ 1200, which is a steal if it’s the weapon for you.


Everyone can see a revolver. It has the circular chamber from which the bullets are loaded each time the shooter removes the hammer. When the revolver rotates, the bullet moves to the chamber where it can be fired upon request. However, there are some drawbacks to revolvers. Precision is a weak point, while recoil and damage are always present.

The revolvers were standard use long ago by the police and the army, but because of the constantly changing market, the semi-trailers have replaced the revolvers in the police stations around the world.

Ruger GP-100

Done right here in the USA UU., The Ruger GP-100 is a .357 caliber revolver that has a devastating blow. As with most revolvers, the GP-100 has recoil, but can be held by almost any hand size.

The GP-100 comes in a 6 or 7 shot version, however, the 7 shots is hard to find for the average consumer. Unlike most revolvers, the GP-100 does not expose any metal in the grip, but covers it. Often used by special law enforcement, the GP-100 has abundant uses for every level of shooter, from beginner to expert.

Top 10 Handguns: The Handgun Aficionado’s Guide

Perhaps the most promising aspect of the GP-100 is its price. It usually ranges between $ 700- $ 800 new. The competitive price is just another reason why the GP-100 is one of the best guns to have.

Rossi .38 Special

The Rossi .38 Special is a first class pistol and has been for some time. While the revolvers are not known for their accuracy over long distances, the Rossi .38 Special is quite accurate at medium distances, for a revolver.

The Rossi .38 Special comes in a variety of models and types, as well as in black, steel or stainless steel. However, all models are basically the same and lack differentiating characteristics.

This Rossi will fit into most types of hands, if not all, and can really make a hole in something. The immediate durability of the .38 Special is proven, but is unknown in the future. If you are looking for something reliable in the near future, then the Rossi .38 Special is the perfect fit.

Top 10 Handguns: The Handgun Aficionado’s Guide

Another advantage that the Rossi has is its grip. The grip is sticky and will not slip if liquid is present. The Rossi can be found new, but it is at a very reduced price if it is used. Taurus now manufactures Rossi’s weapons, so be sure to consult the Taurus arms dealers when they look for this piece.

Smith and Wesson model 60

The Smith and Wesson Model 60 revolver deviates slightly from the design of most revolvers. The model 60 is known to have 5 shots instead of the usual 6 in a revolver. It is available in caliber 0.38 Special or .357 Magnum, and was the first to be manufactured in stainless steel.

Smith and Wesson are one of the pioneers of modern firearms and, as such, they gain a lot of respect from the world of weapons. Another revolver that could fit in a small hand, do not be fooled by its size, because this gun can be terrifying.

Top 10 Handguns: The Handgun Aficionado’s Guide

Considered a snub-nose, the model 60 is handled as a larger revolver would. The recoil is quick, but apparent and without jokes. The Model 60 can be found for $ 700- $ 900, depending on who is selling it.

Smith and Wesson Model 10

Smith and Wesson Model 10 can trace its roots to the end of the 20th century. Model 10 is one of the most popular revolvers in the world, and people have tried to duplicate it.

It is a 6-shot revolver that has been used by the army for a couple of hundred years in different variations. It has also been used by police and army around the world, and was the most popular before the police switched to semi-automatic weapons.

The model 10 can be assigned by most hand sizes, but the user must be ready for the kick. This revolver has been reliable for over 100 years, so why not risk this piece of US history?

Top 10 Handguns: The Handgun Aficionado’s Guide

The model 10 is easier to recharge than most revolvers, and also has greater accuracy. If you are looking for something with a lot of bells and whistles, this firearm is not for you. The Model 10 sells for approximately $ 650- $ 800, depending on the extras or accessories you find.

Colt Python

Created by one of, if not the most prominent weapons manufacturer in the world, the Colt Python is a great revolver. Many people call it the best revolver of all time and the best handgun: a massive claim to make considering all the incredible weapons that have occurred over time. Made right here in the United States, the Colt Python is a 357 Magnum revolver.

Top 10 Handguns: The Handgun Aficionado’s Guide

The Python is suspended, but that does not mean that it loses any value to the correct weapon seeker. If you are looking for a reliable, durable and fun revolver, the Colt Python can not be defeated. The only drawback, of course, is that you can only buy it used and for a high price. Some of these revolvers can be sold for more than $ 2,000.

A few words of caution.

Now that we review some of the best handguns on the market, you should also consider reading some basic safety tips for yourself and the gun. A) Yes:

  • While practicing it is always important to protect your ears from the strong blow of the gun. That is why any passionate weapon must possess a pair of high quality earmuffs. They may not look very stylish, but you will be protected by a temporary hearing loss.
  • What do you use to practice target shooting: beer bottles, soda cans? If you are a beginner, it can be a bit difficult to hit such small objects and it is best to try some professional goals. In this way, you can control your progress and brag about it to your friends. Even more, it is much safer than shooting at random objects.
  • The maintenance of the gun is very important: first because a clean gun will always work with the best parameters and, secondly, it will be protected against jams or surprise explosions. Therefore, make sure you have the right cleaning kit in the house. If you have more than one type of gun, the best is a universal cleaning kit.
  • Speaking of gun maintenance, your kit should contain a good gun cleaner. However, if you shoot a lot and have several weapons, you must be fed up and tired of the smell of the weapons cleaner, it is quite unpleasant. Therefore, to make sure you are not slowly killing yourself with the smell, you should choose a gun oil that has no perfume and is not toxic. The quality of this product is directly related to the performance of your weapon, so you should not be shy with the price.
  • Safety is the number one priority when it comes to weapons, how do you protect your family and friends from your weapon? The rules recommend having a gun or a portable safety box that can be easily locked and stored when the gun is not in use. The safe or the box (depending on the situation) is one of the best ways to make sure that no one else has access to your weapon. It is also amazing for transportation.

At the end of our list of weapons security measures, prevention is maintained. You should always think ahead and avoid any danger that may arise in your path if you want to have a good experience with your weapon. Remember: a gun will not take care of you if you do not take care of it!


The verdict is in force. The 10 main pistols have been designed and analyzed for their most defining characteristics to help the client find the right gun. Whether for protection, practice or to learn, these firearms are the best option.

All weapons manufacturers are highly respected in the world of firearms, and some have even been doing business since the 19th century. If a company has lasted more than 150 years and always produce solid products, it is difficult to go to other places in search of weapons.

The best global weapon, taking into account all the specifications and characteristics, should be the Ruger GP-100. It is not just about price, durability or appearance, but about all the qualities of the Ruger. It is easy to handle, hide and transport too. The GP-100 is a powerful .357 Magnum monster that commits to sell at a fair price for what the consumer gets.

If a semiautomatic firearm is more your style than a revolver, then the Springfield 1911A1 is the right weapon to possess. The 1911A1 can be a bit expensive, but there is a reason why gun users have been firing this weapon for more than a hundred years.

In addition to that, it has exploded in almost all the wars that the US has fought. UU., Including the two world wars, Korea, Vietnam and Iraq / Afghanistan. It is difficult to discuss continued use by people whose job it is to know guns.

Top 10 Handguns: The Handgun Aficionado’s Guide

When this article stops, re-evaluate the types of weapons on the list. Think really about how the weapon will be used and how often too. Purchases of weapons are supposed to be thoughtful processes that take time. Do not jump for a specific weapon unless you have analyzed all its qualities and tested it correctly beforehand.

There is a reason why background checks and waiting periods become effective. If the investigation is carried out correctly, problems will not arise in the future. Do not get stuck with a gun that you do not know how to use or can not use. Always check if the gun is loaded before using it, and look for safety. These simple controls could save lives.

At the end of the day, any weapon on this list of the top 10 guns is an effective weapon and will take care of your needs. It is up to you to find the right weapon for your personality, use and safety. The most important thing to keep in mind is safety, because nobody wants your product to be blamed for acts that the company can not control. Use this article as a guide for your purchase, but also do your own research. Guns are not a purchase you should make in a hurry or in a hurry.


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