Top 10 most deadly combat knives and daggers

Combat knives (or sometimes tactical knives) are knives designed specifically for military purposes. Their main purpose is to conduct close combat. Since the last position wars, combat knives have become more multifunctional. They can cut branches, open boxes with ammunition and so on.

Daggers – a type of combat knives. Both sides of the blade sharpened along the entire length. The combat dagger resembles a sword with a point and handle, and is used for delivering thrust. The blade, sharpened on both sides and thickened in the middle, distinguishes the dagger from general / household knives.

Top 10 most deadly combat knives and daggers

Combat knives vary in shape, sharpness, structure, and purpose. Here are the 10 most “deadly” combat knives and daggers.

10. BC-41

SOG Seal 2000 designed for the elite military unit – “Navy Seals”. Before becoming a member of such a unit, you must go through a tough military training program. Only a few of the candidates are strong enough and prepared to be recruited and have the honor of wearing a trident on the chest – a distinctive sign of sea lions.

For this reason SOG Seal 2000 – a special weapon. The total length of the knife is 30.5 cm. It is equipped with a powder coated blade, an extended blade and an ergonomic handle with grooves for fingers, a handle head with broken glass. The set also includes a nylon sheath.

7. Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife

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