Top 10 most deadly sniper rifles

In the arms world, everyone has their own opinion about which weapon is best. Differences in calibers, bullets, barrel length, weight and many other factors give rise to a huge amount of controversy about what exactly does sniper rifle most effective and deadly. Today we will compare these differences and arrange the rifles in order of increasing efficiency and call it the most deadly sniper rifle in the world.

(Editorial opinion may differ from the authors. So argue not with us, but with them. We don’t even know what specific criteria they were guided by. And yes, the authors are from the USA, so only foreign rifles are on the list. But we with you we know which weapon is actually cooler, isn’t it? – ed.)

10. M40A3

Weapons from the series M40 (M40A1, M40A3, and M40A5) was created based on the rifle Remington 700, which was used for hunting and could be adapted for various calibers (.243, .270, .30-06 and others). The USMC gunsmiths slightly upgraded the already excellent design, and also adapted the rifle for firing 7.62? 51 NATO cartridges. With all these additions M40A3 evolved into deadly sniper rifle, easy to use and effective when shooting at a distance of 900 meters. A 7.62? 51 NATO ammunition is also quite cheap, and also often found on free market.


Eugene Stoner, the creator of the M16, inspired the designers of this semi-automatic sniper rifle. M110 its structure is extremely similar to m16, but with some additions. Its barrel is longer, and 7.62? 51 NATO ammunition is also used. Its effective shooting range is within 750 meters. In addition to the usual design, the M110 is a fairly lightweight weapon with a flame arrester silencer.


SABR was designed specifically for snipers. It can be used both in melee and in long-range combat. The sniper rifle is equipped with two quick-change trunks – 12 and 20 inches. In conditions of close combat, you can use a short barrel, but for shooting at long distances it is better to install a 20 inch. This is done pretty quickly, so SABR ideal for action in a battle under rapidly changing circumstances.


Srs – one more is enough deadly sniper rifle, equipped with two interchangeable trunks, also different in caliber (.308 and .338). In addition, it is a bullpap layout rifle (shortened rifle, the main mechanisms of which are located in the butt). That is, in this rifle, the usual layout of parts is broken, moving them to the rear. Due to this, it turns out to greatly reduce the total length while maintaining the length of the barrel. When conducting combat at short and medium distances, it is better to give preference to a more affordable and cheaper caliber .308. And when firing at long distances, the barrel and bolt can be replaced by a more efficient one – .338.


This sniper rifle was designed specifically for the Marines. Unique engineering solutions allow you to shoot from AS50 in extreme conditions, in sand and mud. This rifle is capable of shooting its magazine for 5 rounds of the 50th caliber in 1.6 seconds.. The effective shooting distance is 1500 meters.


The Mcmillan TAC 50, also known as “Big Mac” – deadly sniper rifle 50th caliber. Currently, it is she who holds the record for the farthest “confirmed murder” – 2,657 yards (more than 1.5 miles). The TAC 50 is specifically designed to work efficiently with a caliber of 50 BMG — the largest bullets used for military sniper rifles. Aim fire at a distance of 1,800 meters can disable not only infantry, but also enemy equipment.

4. BARRETT .416 MODEL 99

Presented to the general public in 1999, Barrett Model 99 It fires .416 caliber cartridges (10.6 × 83mm). This bullet is slightly smaller than the 50th caliber, so it flies much faster due to aerodynamics. And although it weighs less, a sniper because of the increased speed can pay less attention to natural obstacles such as wind, rain and other environmental joys. The effective shooting distance is approximately 2600 meters.


AWSM (Arctic Warfare Super Magnum) – light sniper rifle, designed to work in extreme weather conditions. She shoots special ammo. .338 Lapua, designed specifically for her. But the main “chip” AWSM protection from glaciation provided by a corrugated surface. Therefore, it always shoots exactly at the target, regardless of the weather, at a distance of just over 1100 meters.


Barrett m107 – tested and tested sniper rifle. But its great weight and length make it a problem to move from place to place. In further work on the rifle, this was taken into account, therefore modern Barrett m107 steel 2.2 kg lighter, while maintaining full accuracy. In addition to losing weight, a suppressor was installed on the rifle, reducing the sound of a shot and a flash. Like other guns of the 50th caliber, Barrett m107 can be used for disabling enemy vehicles at a distance of up to 2000 meters.


No doubt the most deadly sniper rifle in the world – precisely CheyTac M200. Its flawless design can send a caliber bullet. .408 at a speed of more than 900 meters per second. The sleeve was designed specifically to suppress the linear and rotational resistance, which also greatly improves the accuracy of shooting.

Currently, this rifle ranks first in the world in accuracy at long distances. At a distance of 2 km 3 bullets lay within a circle of 40 cm.

In addition, the TV show “Future Weapons” demonstrated how the Marine hits a mannequin of human height from a distance of 2313 meters from this rifle. 3 hits from 6 shots. And the effective range of her – 2.5 km.

Source – Top 10 Deadliest Sniper Rifles

P.S. And once again I remind you – the authors are from the USA, so they evaluate only those sniper rifles that they use (approx. Transl.)


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