Top 10: The most reliable and economical SUV 2018

10 of the most reliable and economical SUV 2018!

They are powerful, big, beautiful, and have been moving perfectly over rough terrain. For more than a minute, it’s not a problem.

It has been given that it has been approved. The reason – in the very holding, carrying capacity and reliability of an SUV. However, there are disadvantages. This is the annual vehicle tax and high fuel consumption. If it comes to the tax bill. more so.

It is possible to save a car on yourself? J.D. The Power Vehicle Dependability StudySM (VDS), which has been highlighted as the most reliable and economical SUVs 2018. “SUVs”, it is a car

It is there, you can’t even be able to pay for it. However, they are more than well suited for all the unruly conditions that the Great Arctic Fox promises us. “Off-road vehicles” for the city have no equal.

So …

10 of the most reliable and economical SUV 2018

Chevrolet equinox

This is the largest model of the brand. Mini cooper in the history of its existence. There was a car for the second generation of wheelbase. But the character is preserved: it is still small, economical, cheerful, reliable. This baby is presented in 5 versions.

Consumption Countryman is from 4.8 to 7.4 gasoline engine 5.0 l / 100 km for diesel.

Volkswagen Tiguan


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