Top 30 folding knives for EDC

I (Adam Smith, author of the article – editor’s note) do not spend my life behind a computer screen. For the past 16 years I have worked as a fireman and paramedic, now I am occupying the position of lieutenant of the fire service of the city in which I live. And today I have selected for you a list of the best modern folding knives for everyday wear, which we also call “knives for EDC“.

You may have found this article by chance before reviewing several sites on the specialization of knives. According to my observations, on many resources like Amazon reviews are paid. I think you can make the right decision based on my experience, because with my knives I did not cut the butter at home, I need them for self-defense, everyday routine and work.

I did not include in the list knives with a fixed blade, because there are enough decent folding knives, I used most of them myself or learned from acquaintances about the quality of others.

Knives for EDC – These are the knives that are used by us in everyday life. And then you can choose the best of them for your personal goals.

Top best folding knives for EDC: # 1-5

The first five EDC knives in the list are selected based on my own choice. Four of them I used for quite some time as part of my EDC kit. Yes, Spyderko deserves to take first place in this top five – this knife has only positive feedback from those who used it for the EDC. And I am also a fan of it. But these knives fell in love with me more.

Read on for detailed descriptions of each of my 5 favorite EDC knives.

1. Zero Tolerance 0095BW Titanium Flipper Knife

3. Zero Tolerance Hinderer 0566 Flipper Knife

Steel arms

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