Top 5 insects with the most painful bites

Any phobia has a sufficiently good reason. Fears of falling into hell out of sight of dangers, It can be very painful. It is the most dangerous allergies.

Immediately make a reservation, insects can be bled, either by means of mandibles or some chelicera, or sting. If you can not use it, you can get rid of it. It is better to endure it. Here we will talk about the second situation. So, the top 5 insects with the most painful bites.

Ant bullet

In 1984, the American entomologist Justin schmidt published an article that analyzed sore bites different types of insects. Then it grew into the so-called “Schmidt scale.” It was the result of the experiments. Including on yourself. So, the Ant-bullet led this scale. This is a hefty piece of freedom to come up with a strong sting with a neurotoxin … As a result bite the pain does not subside for a day. The knowledgeable people compared it to the bullet wound, hence the name. For you a few more days.

In some South American tribes, they were used for initiation rites. This is a teenager who has already grown eggs and a cannabis. So, they are special gloves, they are sticking ant stings. Yes, the effect is weaker than natural bite, but the hands from such exposure paralyzes perfectly. And yes, this species has no peaceful “workers”. Each ant bullet is dangerous, bitchy and aggressive. Colo

Tarantula hawk

Bite The wasps are much more dangerous and unpleasant than the bees. Why? Because you can please. It seems that you’re not aware of the situation. So, it’s where the tarantula hawk is. It is a great deal of harm, and it seems to be a great deal. It is used for personal protection. Half an hour of burning, literally paralyzing pain is guaranteed to you. And then also a typical local allergic reaction. Almost the whole hand. I am glad that these insects do not attack people themselves.

Thanks to the “Folout” series of games. Those who have been burned-out wastelands remember how to get it. So, according to the back, it is mutated tarantula hawk. And they are almost the same (in the original, except for the eyes). Only more … Much more. Stay away from this wasp as much as possible?

Ant leaf cut warrior

In ants, as we remember, something like a “caste system”, which biologists call “polyetism.” There are those who stupidly work, and there are those who protect them. Remember, sting, but bite. So, ant leaf cutter refers to those who ONLY bite. But this is not much easier. It is the mandibles of this skin to be blasted through. Seriously, they do not pinch, do not deform, but precisely cut it. Now imagine that one a bite Ants is not limited. The victim is literally cut into pieces. Butt not eat – leaf cutters

But this is not the worst. In the same South America are found nomadic soldier ants. Also bite stitching And yes, they are predators. So, there have been cases of colony of such ants killed and devoured a horse. In addition, since they are not flown through, it’s not a lot of leaf flow. And it will be in his way.

African bee

Which of us haven’t been bitten by bees? For once in my life – yes any. If you are allergic to bee venom. This is a purposefully attacking approach. A typical picture for Africa. In the pursuit of productivity, the beekeepers have been very hardy, but very aggressive African bees. Happened. “Milk” increased, but aggression and increased. It is not a problem. In short, if bite one such bee can still be ignored bites can even kill an adult.

Fire ants

Could it be a dangerous creature, 3 mm long? As it turned out, it can. The small ants, the red fire ants, live in the central part of South America. Red – because it is red, and fiery, because it is red. But why? This is a cytotoxic effect. It means that you’re not in the least. And the receptors. Fortunately, it is an allergy. But it is very much so.

P.S Someone lives in the USA Coyote peterson. Naturalist, video blogger and popularizer of science. Bite themselves live. Take turns, of course. What for? For the likes, of course. YouTube and VKontakte. But seriously It also gives you advice on how to do so. bites. And, most importantly, how to prevent them. Well, he really is a good showman. In short, I’m advising you to get rid of the pain and injuries.

Arachnophobia Nightmare: Top 5 insects with the most painful bites

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