Top 5 tactical lights worth up to $ 100

Tactical flashlight – you can carry it with you.


83% of our cases are limited, and our vision is limited. The presence of bright flashlight get you time for action.

It’s not a problem. It is the shine of the manufacturer.

We start with what we think “tactical flashlight,

If you can not wait, then you can

Lamp Main plus Lumens Price
Nitecore MH25GT Best range 1000 lm 80 $
ThruNite TN12 Best overall 1100 lm $ 46
Fenix ​​PD35 TAC Best overall (premium) 1000 lm $ 83
Nitecore MT10A Most compact 920 lm $ 56
Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA Simplest 350 lm $ 45

What is a tactical flashlight?

It should be noted that tactical flashlight must also provide a real situation situation.

Tactical flashlights usually turn on the end button; harsh external influences for a moment

Our selection criteria

Given the technology of LED lighting, we prefer to tactical flashlights If you’re a little bit losing water, you’ll have to

tactical flashlight

tactical flashlight

Top 5 tactical lights worth up to $ 100

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