TOP 5 tourist tents

Last day, we’re talking about equipment – a tent.

Rarely, it depends. It’s possible that it’s possible to take care of it. If you’re not worth it. So let’s get started.

1st place. REI Quarter Dome T2

The TI Quarter Dome T2 is not subject to the most profitable purchase in terms of price and quality. The tent is available in both 2-seater and 3-seater versions (Quarter Dome T3 and T3 Plus). It is well suited for cycling and hiking trips. It can be used even if it is purchased. It can be seen as the strongest hurricane. Sealed floor protects well from moisture. It’s not true. There is a large number of pockets. If you’re tall, you’ll be able to buy a version of the Quarter Dome T2 Plus.

2nd place. Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2

Cooper Splinter UL2 is the compact size of the bag. It is a very strong lightweight aluminum alloy TH72M. The mass of the tent is 1.56 kg and the living space is 2.7 m2. It is quite easy to install. Since this is a free-of-charge tent, you are An area of ​​0.84 m2 each. Air conditioning and cooking. You need a handy. If you buy a larger UL3 model.

3rd place. North face ve 25

3-seater North Face VE 25 tent. This is an expensive, very expensive. It would be faithful to have the purchase of this tent. It is very easy to install and disassemble. This is not a marketing ploy. It is really worth it. Nevertheless, it’s not a problem for the temperature of 1.5 m2. This volume is quite enough for three tourists. There is no need to choose this item.

4th place. Msr holler

MSR Holler is not a type of hiking. It is well suited as it is for long walking and cycling trips. Holler can be divided over 1.36 kg. After installation, it can be easily transported across the territory. There is no space for a living space of 1.58 m2. With the MSR Holler tent, you can go hiking in areas where there is a strong winding or rugged shape. In the most severe hurricane, you can safely play cards or sing with a guitar.

5th place. NEMO Losi 3P

The NEMO 3P If you are traveling in a large company, then you can’t have it. . The 3P has a lot of luster on it. Help and ordering support. Almost vertical walls increase the amount of useful space. Happy summer nights under a mesh canopy. It will help you keep the heat inside the tent. Oh yeah, they didn’t say about the most important thing, about 4.65 square meters of living space. It is 6.87 m2. It will help you protect the floor and prevent it from wading.

Bivouac equipment

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