Top 6 vegetable crops in the world after BP

After BP will be the most difficult. Do you want to go ahead? It will become a little easier. But just a little bit, since the survival will remain.

The main problem is what to eat. It is extremely difficult to build a new society. Of course, it’s possible to endure survivors. Hunting? It will be something to hunt. Fishing? Similarly. So one thing remains – subsistence farming. And then a number of problems arise. And we will answer all these questions. But let’s start, perhaps, with the most vital – “what”. The fact is that vegetable crops Seriously differ in quality. Therefore, it has to be approached with great care.

To clarify that modern farmer yields do not shine. Why? Because GMO (genetically modified organisms), which are really fruitful, resistant only. Then you need to now more. Therefore, it is necessary to work in the old manner. vegetable crops.

Fortunately, even in the conditions of post-apocalypse, vegetables remain a good harvest. But we are most interested in the following types:

Jerusalem artichoke

It is also called the “earthen pear.” We are interested only in potatoes. But the plant itself is an order of magnitude stronger. It can be tolerated. You can plant a bush of fertilizer. Greens are good for silage – it is possible that you will appreciate such an increase in silage. Have this vegetable culture only a few drawbacks – weak storage and storage space.


As it is known, there is a lot of protein in beans, which is extremely useful in our conditions. Growing beans are not even hydroponic methods. Many varieties tolerate a lack of sunlight and drought. In addition, the beans are damned long stored, which is especially important when preparing food for the future.


Vegetable culture, But our survivors are not popular among Europeans. And not in vain, because the plant is extremely hardy and useful. In short, there is enough for industrial production (currently, sugar beets have been supplanted it), and there are plenty of them. This plant grows for several years, calmly experiencing cold. In short, an excellent source of glucose, carbohydrates and vitamins.


But this is our advantage over a potential adversary. In the west, the budwheat is not eaten – it is not pleasant. It is not clear need for additional fertilizer. The sun does not require much, additional watering too. All this makes it possible to sowing the kitchen. It is almost 5 times more than in rice.


This vegetable culture, which is both dill and celery. That is, and spice, and a useful root. It grows quickly – new shoots appear in 20 days after cutting. It is not demanding to moisture, nor to the sun. It is quite pleasant to taste. Yes, even its seeds can be used to prepare absinthe. Well, this is so, note.


It is a fact that stimulates the immune system. And this is extremely important in our conditions. In addition, it is safe to use for a post-apocalyptic vegetable garden.

As you already understood, our main selection criteria vegetable crops – endurance and efficiency. You can get a lot of cherry fruit. And then you come and harvest. The choice, as for me, is obvious.

Top 6 vegetable crops in the world after BP

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