Top 8 elite troops of the world. Which special forces are the strongest?

Remember the old, still sovdepovsky anecdote? At a meeting in NATO, where the elite units are best prepared. English green berets? Or American fur seals? Or someone else? Finally, one old general says that the most terrible forces are in the Soviet Union. They don’t even trust weapons. The Soviet Union collapsed safely. It was not a bad idea.

It is clear that these troops have been practicing it. the track record of these troop formations. So …

8. Black Stork Squad, Pakistan

Thanks to the unique headgear. March of 58 km in 12 hours and run 8 km in 50 minutes in full of gear. Fights mainly against the Taliban.

7. Fleet Division

Created in 1952, it was recruited exclusively to volunteers. It was called “the original name is not it?” Later transformed into an elite unit. The selection in this unit is very tough. According to the results of the qualifying course, 70-80% of applicants are usually eliminated.

6. Russian special forces “Alpha”

Created in 1974, of course, under the KGB, later, after the collapse of the FSB. This will increase. Various operations in the North Caucasus and not only. Alpha fighters are fighting both terrorists and representatives of organized crime. It is an order of magnitude.

What can you do, the world is changing. For Beslan and Nord-Ost, Alfa has been criticized for this day. But, I’m not sure, I’ve seen it that way. The result is 129 dead hostages, mainly from the action of paralytic gas.

Nevertheless, the alpha fighters are beyond doubt. Amino Palace in Kabul in 1979, numerous operations in Chechnya, Ingushetia, Dagestan and other hot spots. For example, the Abu-Havs and the Al-Qaida, and the peculiarities of the Russian mentality have an effect. Criticize, search for the guilty, and sometimes even curse, tearfully beg for help.

5. Special Forces of the French gendarmerie, the so-called intervention group. GIGN

The main combat missions are operations for free. It was the time of the mosque from the terrorists. In total, the group has over 600 combat hostages on its combat score.

4. Special Division Sayeret Matkal, Israel

The main tasks are intelligence, information gathering. Therefore, it is time to spend time on the enemy. Hard overloads of qualifying course (gibusha) are not able to withstand. Training for a physician and psychologist. According to the results, take the best. Ilyah Gurel, one of the most noteworthy Palestinian drivers, who took you to Jerusalem. The kidnappers kept him in a 10-meter mine in the suburbs of Ramallah. However, special forces fighters found him there. As for the terrorists, they were rendered according to merit.

3. Special Air Service UK, or SAS (Special Air Service)

SBS Marine Corps Division. The motto of this unit is “the one who risks” wins. SAS participated in the hostilities in Iraq after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. As American General Stanley McChrystal noted, “Their participation was critically important. We didn’t have it done. This is an example of a training course.

2. Special Forces Marine Unit of Great Britain – SBS (Special Boat Service)

There is also a high intensity workouts. This is a training course that includes all kinds of endurance tests. You can take a test course no more than two times.

1. “Seals” (SEAL) – an elite unit of the US armed forces

US Navy. They are mainly engaged in reconnaissance, illegal border crossing, and others. Detachment formation began in 1962. Fold out the squadron. From 1962 to 1973, Vietnamese soldiers. They invaded Grenada (Operation Outbreak of Rage, 1983). Participate in the Persian Gulf (Operation “Main chance”). Fought in Panama and Afghanistan. On May 2, 2011, Bin Laden.

It is a natural environment. It is appropriate to complete the service. It is a hell of a week. It is clear that the motto of “sea lions” is “

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